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Re: Invite to real Roses.

Dear Tonha, let me first start off by stating that we, the Red Rose, are honored that you would choose to model your Guild after ours. In our eyes you seem like an honorable and respectful person. People like you are what drives us in the mission to better ourselves and keep us going in the directio...

Re: Rosa Vermelha.

Greetings Falcon, I'm very happy to hear that you had a good time during the event, it was our pleasure having you and everyone else there. There is a saying: 'A party is only as good as the people who attend it' You along with every other person who managed or attended the party is what made it so ...

Re: Unsolved Quests

Greetings Tonha, thank you very much for this very interesting research you've done! I would be very interested in helping you solving this quest, I'm sure other Roses would like to spend some time on it as well. One or two Roses might already have this sword... we might never know unless we solve t...

Re: Sithunt Application

Dear Sithunt,

Your attendance is requested at our guildhall on Fibula, Sunday the 18th of November at 20:00 CET (10 hours after SS).

Prepare yourself for some questioning, bring the items stated in the codex.
Your future with the Red Rose will be decided.

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