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Re: Hello Roses


Thank you for your kind words, I will try reach you all ingame when I login. Im usually not online untill after 19,00 CEST.


Hello Roses

Greetings old and new ones! Its been a long time since I visited this forum, Im glad my login still was around so how have you all been? Im glad to see some old names within the ranks again. I am here to reply for the Red roses once again. I havnt played this game in a very long time thinks its near...

Re: @Soltaxxy

Heya again :) He messaged you last Sunday 8th November wich makes it 5 days not 2. I was speaking to him on msn and he showed me what you wrote and I told him to what to say to you. When I was trying to Install Tibia and login to talk to you, you already logged out. But im glad you´re taking care of...


Since you arent replying on my posts on maybe you will here. Read that and get it taken care of, getting tired of waiting on my money. As I mention in the post I dont need all of my money just 200k. And to the rest I ...

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