Rosa Vermelha.

I'm coming here to just thank you for the opportunity to attend Red Rose's birthday party, it happened a few days ago but I wanted to come here today.
On this day I had the privilege of being at your home, at the Red Rose members' house, I found legends, the day was simply amazing, the organization of everything, the games, openness, decoration and collaboration of the members was incredible.
Thank you to the players.
- Smashing Pumpkin
- Avora Skyfallen
- Driundar
- Halfhigh
- Cotelaria
the small gift I gave you was from the heart and what I could give you to buy at the moment.
to Smashing Pumpkin I gave a Phoenix Statue and Phoenix Egg.
to represent that the Red Rose can fall asleep more will always resurface, the players may be missing for some more time the Red Rose will not cease to exist.
and it was so on your birthday, came back in an incredible way, thousands of people accompanying I was very happy to be close to each of you.

Thank you for letting me use the depot of your house, along with other common players.
I was happy to take a look at your bookshop, to see some books, and end up finding some belongings of a member ...
I hope he got it all back.
thanks for the opportunity a big hug for more news

sorry for the mistakes. :D

Re: Rosa Vermelha.

Greetings Falcon,

I'm very happy to hear that you had a good time during the event, it was our pleasure having you and everyone else there.

There is a saying: 'A party is only as good as the people who attend it'

You along with every other person who managed or attended the party is what made it so great.

Again, thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.

Re: Rosa Vermelha.

The Red Rose host open and closed events from time to time, other Guilds did these kind of events far more ofent in the history but its becoming more rare. So probably it wont be more common.


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