Tibia History Video Project

Hello members of the Red Rose!

Today I stand before you humbled as an aspiring historian, in the presence of a respected staple of the Tibia community for the past two decades.
Some of you I have been fortunate enough to call a friend, others are still as mysterious as ever to me.

Currently, we strive to bring the tales of Tibia to life in a video series, and we are in need of your assistance. The subjects are up for determination so please do fire away with any suggestions. This video might explain more:

I would like to ask of you to come forward with anything that you might appear interesting for this cause. If you have stories to tell, a way of contact would be appreciated. (Discord, email etc) Moreover, if you excuse my indiscretion, I would ask of you access to the restricted parts of your forums for research purposes. Perhaps we can wake one or two people out of their retirement if you deem the cause worthy.

Below, I will list the questions currently on my mind (tonight), but please do not feel restricted in any way by these subjects.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to talk to you!

Mage Rani

Re: Tibia History Video Project

Be Greeted Rani!
You are ofcourse free to msg any members you want and ask for information and we will do our best to help :)
If you message me i will tip you abut some names to talk to to.

The RR forums is strictly internal so we wont be able to give you accses.

Best regards
Natures Lord

My thoughts move.. my arrow fly.. one and the same..

Re: Tibia History Video Project

Hello Rani!

We are very humbled by your reaching out to us & wanting to include us in your project!

We urge you to contact any member you can & ask them for a chat, meanwhile we will inform those who would like to share any stories to try and make contact with you.
As has been mentioned here previously, we're afraid that our internal forums are off limits to anyone who is not a member, seeing as how they contain a lot of sensitive data & .... some very sought after secrets.

If you find me online, please do contact me & we can work something out.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.