The Notebook's Curse

I was trying to contact other members, to know better about you and the guild, but my notebook really hates me. When I'm doing something important he turns himself off. In depot? Never. "Oh, look, a dragon" *powe off*, or worse than a dragon.

Sep 27 2013, 22:58:07 CEST Died at Level 46 by a kongra.

And now... Level: 45

So, it really hates me... Man of electric, we can talk again other time? Sorry for disturbing you for nothing, not my fault, seriously. Jana Sedai, if you sent any message after you talked about 'other brazilian', I hadn't read. Feel free to PM me here in forum, anytime. The other members, I want to talk with all of you, but online it's not a good idea, so can I send messages for you here?

PS: I will buy another one soon.