Welcome to the Warrior's Guildhall Pub

Greetings Red Roses!

Recently Tar Valon purchased the property across the street from Thais Depot known as the Warrior's Guildhall. In an attempt to create a safe haven for friendly adventurers in Thais that is not a depot I, the Amyrlin Seat of Tar Valon, would like to welcome the Red Rose to our pub.

The Red Rose is an honourable guild with a strong reputation, and over the last days I've seen several of your members already as guests in our pub. I would like to widen these invitations to be valid for all members of the Red Rose.

Right now the bar is only open for members of Tar Valon, the Red Rose and a selected other players. On the long term this will hopefully include more guilds and players.

For this to work it is imperative at the boundaries of the invitation is clear. As it is not possible to invite to a single room only, the only thing between the pub and the rest of the guildhall for invited players is a single door. Hopefully this will be closed at all times, but should it be open I hope no one will take advantage of it. Also, if the bar is found to be trashed we might have to reconcider our invitations.

I do hope however that this can be the start of something beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing more people in our beautiful guildhall!

Regin Tishar,
The Watcher of the Seals,
The Flame of Tar Valon,
The Amyrlin Seat
Ceterum censeo Carlinensis esse delendam.

Re: Welcome to the Warrior's Guildhall Pub

It hurts me to deliver this message, but since the bar has been completly emptied of all items, chairs and tables no less than four times within the last 32 hours we've had to remove all standing invitations. People will still be let into the guildhall when myself or one of the other vice leaders of Tar Valon are online and present in the bar.

I still hope to see some friendly faces at the Warriors' Guildhall despite of this occurence.

Regin Tishar
Ceterum censeo Carlinensis esse delendam.