A welcome to our guests!

Dear Tibians, welcome on the official Red Rose board!

To be able to write here, you have to register yourself with the name of your main character in Tibia.
To make this board to a good way to communicate with eachother, please use a polite way of talking.

May this board help us, to get to know to eachother better, to have fun and to solve or avoid unnecessary conflicts. :)

In the name of the council of the Red Rose,


Re: A welcome to our guests!


I just registered for no reason and now I leave some Greetings!
Although the number of my friends in your guild has rapidly become smaller for some sad reason while ago, I whish the remaining ones all the best!

See you around!

Arn Loewenherz

PS: Sara Lionheart is a stinky name-stealing dwarf!
We dream of carving our dragon...

Re: A welcome to our guests!

Hello to all the Red Rose Guild...
I'm only one character of the millions of accouns of Tibia...

Do you remember the old Tibia?
The great Tibia???
My first time in Tibia world was in 2002.... and since I knew about this guild...
I always wanted to join in it....
I know that it's so difficult...
I know that you had problems with novice characters....
But, I'm different and I think that i can be a Red Rose....
I want protect Fibula... Thais and many other countries of Tibia....
I want protect novice players...
I want be a BETTER person... and i know that being a Red Rose i can do it.....

Please.... post me :)

And sorry for my English... :(
Inceptor of the Red Rose

Ex-Member of Exordius
Ex-Tor'Roshak of the Mercenarys
Ex-Member of Fontaneda Army