Re: A welcome to our guests!

Dere again...

Well, dear Rob, it was awesome... so many tales to tell :D when can I catch you online? We HAVE to have a chat!!! looking forward to hearing from you soon...

oh, btw... although I think you know that anyways, I just copy and paste this from

The guild was founded on Antica on Feb 18 2002.
It is currently active, but has too few vice leaders.
It will be disbanded on Sep 24 2009 if there are still less than four vice leaders then.

be safe and behave...



Re: A welcome to our guests!

Greetings members of the Red Rose,

I hail from Vinera of the guild Vineran Legion. And I would like to learn more of your history and heritage. I am attempting to learn more of our roots and predecesors as I create a tome of all political and diplomatic information as well as the history and organization of as many guilds that are willing to contribute. And it would be an honor to have the original guild of Tibia join hands with us as we create this new Fansite.

If you are interested in helping me with some stories and how you guys function and operate as a guild I would be happy to record them down.

Legion Commander
Vineran Legion