A Ballad to the Red Rose - Contest

"A Ballad to the Red Rose"
Attention, all Bards of Tibia!

The old Red Rose Anthem was a long forgotten song. Legends say that its sound was as soothing to the heart as the sight of a daylight after a pitch black night. Its transcripts had been hidden somewhere deep in the libraries of the Red Rose Guildhall, lost with time under a flece of dust.

Phase 1

We call all the talented music creators to write their interpetation of a Red Rose Anthem that will be both uplifting and will reflect the spirit of Red Rose.

Creativity is very welcome, however your submissions need to follow these guidelines:
  • Your song's lyrics must be original.
  • Your music must be composed by you. However, we will allow use of guidelines from existing songs - any such must be presented together with your submission.
  • The song must have a relation towards the Red Rose in a Roleplaying, Tibian-Universe perspective.
  • All submissions must be uploaded either via YouTube or SoundCloud.
  • The lyrics must be given in a form of text within your submission.

Phase 2

After receiving all submissions, our judges will agree on 5 finalists. These 5 nominees will have the opportunity to perform their songs in the Red Rose Halls. All performances will be judged individually and ranked.
Song lyrics from every contestant will be placed within our library in a special section - the library is a very restricted place and only few may read it, and these 5 talented bards will have their work reside there until the end of time.

The rewards for the final phase are as follows:

Prize list includes a Memory Box, a Lucky Clover Amulet and much more!

Thank you for taking the time to read through the notice.

May your songs fill the air!

The Red Rose Council
TibiaEvents Staff
TibiaLottery Staff

Submissions can be placed here: https://www.tibiaevents.com/forum/topic/590

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