Triple Triad! A Card Collecting and Battling Game

Greetings all!

I am inviting all of Red Rose to join Amity (and others) to our Triple Triad game!

Triple Triad is a simple 2-player card game, which is played on a 3x3 board. Players take turns to play cards which have a number (a 'rank') in every direction. The aim of the game is to 'own' the majority of the board once it is full.

How to play:

Find a 3x3 grid to play on. Select 5 cards each, and roll a die to see who goes first. Bring 10+ coloured tapestries each, of different colours
Player 1 places down a tapestry and book anywhere on the grid.

Player 2 then takes a turn to place down a tapestry and book on the grid. If the card touches Player 1's card, and Player 2's card has a higher rank - in the direction they touch - Player 2 'captures' Player 1's card.

In this example, the 5 rank of Player 2's Elf Scout touches the 4 ranking of Player 1's Clay Guardian,
Player 2 must then place their tapestry on top of Player 1's tapestry, and the card now belongs to Player 2.

Players take turns until the whole board is full.

Count up how many cards each player 'owns' (the player who goes second will have a spare card, this card DOES count), and the player with the most cards owned wins.
For example, in the screenshot above Player 2 won 6-4. (I included the card that wasn't used on the left, to show how it still counts towards the score.)

After the match ends, to figure out which books belong to whom, check the bottom tapestry (use browse field).

  • If you lose, your opponent can choose which of your 5 cards to take as their prize. (However, you can agree before the match to ignore this rule and play a 'friendly' game)
  • Select 5 cards to use before the battle starts, and only carry those cards on you.
  • Do not make cards of your own. All cards used in battles must be written by Tonestas.
  • You are allowed to trade cards, and give cards as gifts. Do not sell or buy cards.
To sign up for your free starter pack of 8 cards, please reply to this thread or send a letter to Tonestas in-game. If you reply, it means you are agreeing with the above rules and promise not to break them.

Thanks for reading, and remember to have fun!
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Re: Triple Triad! A Card Collecting and Battling Game

Toenestas wrote:
Tue May 02, 2017 8:31 pm
Thank you for your interest, and your kind words!

I have sent your starter packs of Male Extra

There are also other ways to get cards, such as treasure hunts (there is one starting right now, and will be one tomorrow evening as well!) and trading books with me (Gemmed/Orange/Blue/Green).

Feel free to message me in-game if you fancy a card battle!
Looks like a cool little game.
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