The Irondwarf challenge

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The Irondwarf challenge

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A few days ago I came over an old reddit post about the tibia "iron man" challenge where you have to follow certain rules when playing. I took these rules and altered them into the "irondwarf" challenge, and created my char Regin Irondwarf two days ago. And I must say, I haven't had this much fun hunting since I first started playing Tibia back in 2002. Not only is it more difficult, but it's a nostalgic trip too, reminding me how my first meeting wiht Tibia was. Great experience!

Upon making this topic I see others have done similar challenges earlier, but on other servers. I hope more roses (and others) who feel up to it will join me in this fun way of playing! (and Banor knows I need more Irondwarfs to be able to do quests like Mintwallin, desert dungeon etc. xD).

We're already two or three who's doing this, and we're gathering in the Iron Fellowship guild to use guild chat to communicate in addition to be using the Kazordoon discord server:


Inspired by various ironman challenges on other worlds

Character creation
1. The character must be named ???? Irondwarf or Irondwarf ????.
2. You must immediately ask Inigo to go to Rookgaard.

You can not:
3. Use the market or trade with other non-irondwarf characters (including your own!)
-- Selling and buying should mainly be done by using ingame NPCs.
--Trading with other irondwarf characters are allowed as long as the trade is equally beneficial for both parties. I.e. no gifts, free items and gold etc.
-- Swapping opposite djinn items with other irondwarf character is thus allowed.
4. Use offline training, beds or training dummies.
-- Only exception is if you buy your own exercise weapon from NPCs with your own collected gold.
5. Get outside help.
-- You may not hunt together with non-irondwarf character, use your main to clear a quest area or spawn etc.
6. Pick up items/loot from the ground and corpses that does not belong to you.
-- Only exception is if it's part of a quest.
7. Use the prey system.
8. Use anything from the Tibia Store that could give your character a helping hand.
9. Buy blessing before level 100.
10. Go hunting or questing outside the Mainland and Rookgaard before level 50.

You can:
11. Team up with other Irondwarf characters within your share range.
12. Buy Tibia Store Outfits.
13. Buy Tibia Mounts after obtaining your first own mount.
14. Use the Adventurer's Guild Service.
15. Create lootbags from items that are dropped from creatures you kill.
16. Use the charms bonuses.
17. Imgue your own equipment if you are the one collecting the required items and doing the imbuements yourself on your Irondwarf character.
18. You may eat any food found while walking around.

This is not a race to become the best Irondwarf or anything, but to offer a different way of playing Tibia. There's no way for anyone to impose these rules on anyone, and it's easy to cheat.
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