CODEX of the Red Rose

The updated version of the Red Rose Codex (31st of August, 2017):

Red Rose Codex

The Red Rose Codex is a collection of guidelines presented by its early Leadership. It serves as foundation of the Family's standards and values.

Art. 1:  The Red Rose is a lawful Tibian guild.

Art. 2:  The Red Rose headquarters are located at Fibula Island.

Art. 3:  The intentions and the purpose of the guild:

The Red Rose aims at:
  • protection of the Members
  • spreading and strengthening of the good alignment in the name of Banor
  • protection of all dogs in Tibia, because they are messengers of the Gods
  • help for less experienced Tibians
  • realization of events, quests and guided tours
  • cooperation with tibian and Tibia-related panels (fora)
  • advancement of friendship between the Members
  • advancement of the friendship between the Red Rose and members of friendly or allied guilds

Art. 4:  Instruments for the achievement of the purpose

Instruments to achieve these purposes are (e.g.)
  • to lead by example; inspiring and encouraging good and friendly behaviour by always treating fellow Tibians with respect, humility and helpfulness
  • to get in contact with dog-killers and ask them to change their ways, because dogs are according to our opinion messengers of the gods. Further punishments have to get considered carefully, to avoid unneeded confusion. We cannot force the community to act like we do, but we can be a good role model.
  • to present quests and related events
  • to set up informal meetings at the guildhall for the members
  • to set up meetings with friendly guilds and guests

Art. 5:  Organisation of the Guild

  1. The Assembly
    The Assembly is a meeting of all Members to exchange thoughts. The Assembly has to decide about:
    • Changing of the Codex
    • Declarations of War
    • Accepting a new Novicium
    • Promoting a Novicium to an Inceptor
    • Exclusion of a Member
    • Setting of the Member Fees

    Novicia are not allowed to vote in the Assembly. Votes can be passed if at least five of the members with a higher rank, are at the Assembly.
  2. The Council
    The Council is a group of five Leaders that are chosen internally by the Council with an advisory vote from the Assembly. (Praetors and Equites).

    They have the following positions without any internal ranking:
    • Treasurer: They are responsible for the financial situation of the guild; have to collect Member Fees.
    • Red Warlord: They are responsible for keeping the Red Book up to date. They are in charge of responding to entries in the Red Book, which may involve cooperation with the Ambassador. Furthermore, the Red Warlord assists the Magister Noviciorum in line with a mutual agreement.
    • Ambassador: They are the leading diplomat and have to coordinate all diplomatic issues.
    • Magister Noviciorum: They are responsible for the selection of new members for the guild and have the main role in their education.
    • Praeparator: They have the main responsibility to plan, arrange and coordinate events. However, organizing events is something that all members help out with, coordinated by the Praeparator.

      All Leaders support each other in their duties. Any of the Leaders can act as the official guild leader for the Tibian guild system.

      The Council is to decide all things that are not in the duty of the Assembly. The Council is able to vote, when three members are present.

      In case of Council's partial absence or possible inactivity, present Leader(s) can make and carry out decisions necessary for guild's healthy functioning and growth, until other members of the Council return to their posts.

Art. 6:   The Codex is set and changed by the Assembly with 2/3 majority

Art. 7:   Members of the Red Rose

1. There are the following sorts of Members:

  • Members on trial basis:
    • Novicia & Novicia Absentia
  • Full Members:
    • Inceptors
    • Equites
    • Aedilus
    • Praetores (including Leaders)
  • Retired Members:
    • Propraetores
    • Rosa Absentia

2. Novicia are members on trial basis. They are not allowed to vote in the Assembly.

3. Inceptors are Tibians, who have passed their time as Novicium and have been voted by a 2/3 majority of the Assembly to an Inceptor. They are now perceived as Full Members, and they can vote in the Assembly.

4. Eques are Tibians who have done good things for the Guild over a period of time. Upon good activity and high devotion to the Red Rose, an Inceptor may be promoted to an Eques.
As an Eques one might invite a secondary character to the guild.

5. Aedilus are Tibians who have proved as a valuable Member of the Red Rose; this is the highest rank granted to a fellow Member before they can become Praetores. Unlike Equites, to become an Aedilus the Assembly must be unanimous about it.

6. Praetores are Equites that have been chosen to advance to this special rank. They are, according to their abilities, allowed to do diplomatic talks. Leaders are Praetores, only with special tasks. Together the Leaders form the Council, but other than that they share the rights and duties of the Praetores. Leaders are chosen from Eques or Praetors.

7. Propraetores are former Praetores, who aren't capable to take active part in the guild-life. Propraetores can be reactivated or declare themselves active any time.

8. Rosa Absentia are inactive Equites and Inceptors that have been granted the right to remain in the guild by the assembly. Rosa Absentia can be reactivated or declare themselves active any time.[/list]

Art. 8:  Exclusion and Retirement

1. The Assembly decides about the exclusion of members with a simple majority for Novicia and Honour Members and with a 2/3 majority for Full Members and Propraetores.

2. A Full Member that knows that he or she will be inactive or retired for a period of time simply ask a Leader to change their rank to Rosa Absentia (if the Member is an Aedilus, Eques or Inceptor) or Propraetor (if the member is a Praetor). He or she can return at any time, and thereby get their old rank back.

3. As a Member on a trial rank (Novicium), it's your duty to let us know periods of inactivity. Failing to do so may lead to an exclusion from the guild. The rank will be changed to Novicium Absentium.

Members on inactive ranks don't need to pay the guild fee while they remain on that rank.[/list]

Art. 9:  Rights and Duties of the Members

1. Rights of active Full Members (Inceptors)
  • Full Members have a seat and a vote at the Assembly
  • Full Members get access to Full Members Boards
  • Full Members have the protection of the Guild
  • Full Members have the right to use the guildhall and to store things there.
  • Full Members may serve as Mentor for one or more Novicia.
  • Eques and Praetors can be elected to the Council
A Mentor helps and guides a certain Novicium in the way of the Red Rose. Mentors cooperate with the Magister Noviciorum and, if such an agreement has been made, the Red Warlord to help and form the Novicium in an optimal way.

2. Duties of Full Members (Praetores and Equites)
  • Ranks from Eques and above may have second characters in the guild.
  • Full Members have to pay their member fee on time.
  • The Guild demands that Full Members represent the good and lead by example.
  • The Guild demands that Full Members are coming to the meetings regularly.
  • Full Members have to leave the guildhall in a clean and proper state.

3. Rights of Propraetores and Rosa Absentia
  • Propraetores have the same rights as Full Members except that they are not allowed to vote and cannot be elected. Propraetores and Rosa Absentias may be premitted to vote in certain cases if the Council present at the meeting allows it.

4. Duties of Propraetores:
  • Propraetores do not have to pay Member Fees
  • The Guild demands that a Propraetor stand up for the good and fight crimes
  • Propraetores have to leave the guildhall in a clean and proper state.

5. Rights of Novicia:
  • Novicia have a seat and an advisory vote at the Assembly.
  • Novicia have a limited protection of the Guild. They should show the Guild that they are able to handle personal conflicts on their own. They should also show mature behaviour which includes the ability to avoid unnecessary troubles.
  • Novicia have the right to use the guildhall and store things there.

6. Duties of Novicia:
  • Novicia have to pay their member fee on time.
  • The Guild demands that Novicia represent the good and lead by example.
  • Novicia have to leave the guildhall in a clean and proper state.
  • Novicia are bound to follow the instructions of their Magister Noviciorum and their Mentor, as far as they don't contradict the common sense and the aims of the guild.
  • The Guild demands that Novicia are coming to the meetings regularly.

7. Membership in other guilds has to be authorized. A member can not be in other guilds without informing the Red Rose, and getting the Guild's agreement.

8. The Guild expects that all Members act in the spirit of true friendship towards each other.

Art. 10:  Hands of the Leaders

  • A Leader can appoint one, and only one hand to assist them in their respective area of leadership.
  • The Hand will be given a title (e.g Hand of Magister, Hand of Praeparator, Hand of Treasurer).
  • The Hand can act in the Leaders place during the absence of a Leader.
  • A Hand can not appoint his own Hand.
  • The Leader shall not "use" the hand excessively. The Hand is meant as a support and an apprentice.

Art. 11:  Titles

  • A title can be appointed by the Council if a great deed or achievement is completed by a Member.
  • You cannot request a title for yourself, however Full Members can request titles for other Members.

Art. 12:  Methods of Recruitment

Method 1: The Vouch
  • One of the Guild's Members have a friend, relative or acquaintance who they believe fits into our Guild.
  • The Member will make a thread on our forum, and ask if there are any objections on the vouch of the given person.
  • If there are no objections, the Tibian in question will be invited to a Crossfire (see: Crossfire).

Method 2: The Application
  • A Member has heard and knows about the Red Rose, and wants to join our Guild.
  • Given that we are currently recruiting, they can make an application at our forum.
  • The application is reviewed, and the applicant is encouraged to contact and get to know our Members in the meantime.
  • If the application is accepted with a majority of 2/3 of pros in the Assembly (vote may be carried out on the forum), the player will be invited to a crossfire (see crossfire)

The Crossfire

A Tibian who have made it to the Crossfire will be invited to our guildhall at a given date and time.
In the guildhall they will meet all the active Members of the guild, who will all fire questions (hence the name Crossfire) at the applicant.
The questions will involve both knowledge of our codex, personality traits, and maybe other things.
After the Crossfire has passed, the Assembly will vote. If 2/3 are pro invitation, the applicant may join the guild as a Novicium.