Denniss Reynoldss Application [Denied]

About me:
First off, Hello to all who read this. My name is Jerry P. I am a twenty-nine year-old U.S. Navy combat veteran who began playing Tibia in 2009. If you are wondering how a Navy Sailor has seen combat ill just explain by saying that the Marine Corps pulls Medics from the Navy side of the house to deploy with the infantry. Naturally I like helping people which is why I choose to be a medic in one of the most extreme environments on the planet. Although I have seen a number of things that can leave long lasting scars, I still retain my sense of adventure and creativity which make up a large portion of my personality. Hobbies are many to be honest, I play Tibia and other games on various platforms. I am very active in health and fitness. I skateboarded in my earlier youth for over 12 years. I enjoy learning and working with my hands, problem solving is my strongest ability. I work a 7-4 job Monday through Friday so my play times are usually in the evening and on the weekends, when my wife isn’t demanding me to do something :P .. The struggle is real.

Character Info:
Currently I am playing my ED “Denniss Reynoldss” which I have transferred from Thera. Arcaina was my birthplace but due to massive power abuse by the ruling guild at that time “Echo” it was impossible to play with friends without getting headshot by some bored HL kids. Eventually I moved to Keltera. Keltera was my home for a long time, back when it was still called Keltera. Since the server merge it is now Thera and It is sad to leave it but my reasons are true. Beginning on Keltera I ran into a few good souls that invited me to join an old guild named “Ronin” and through that guild a family was formed. Eventually we joined with an even older guild “Legends” and not only did the family expand, the amount of actual fun grew beyond what I expected from tibia, being that my only Tibia experience is being bullied and swindled by the crooked. This was the best time in Tibia life, skype video call parties while group hunting or trying to take down boss’s or quests. Eventually that all changed after the merger though.. Some were recruited into the new ruling guild, some took a long break, some retired indefinitely and now it is just a ghost town of a guild where the active count is maybe 1-2 chars a week, and the guild is substantial in size.

Why I want to join Red Rose:
Being honest I came across the forum on I have never played Antica before so I do not know much about the guild. When I read the post and followed the trail to the Codex I found myself wanting to at least try because this guild seems like the kind of people I would get along with. I want some structure in Tibia and hell, I am a military man, I understand chain of command and proud of the core principles instilled in me, Honor, courage, commitment and never lacking integrity… I am just ready to find those who are similar in nature.

Role playing story:

The moonlight shines bright over the quite city of Venore, casting a calm blue hue over the city walls, streets and stretching into the deepest parts of the swamp, but something isn’t right…

A scream from the city casts an echo into the darkest crevices of the swamp, waking every creature it passes, filling their bodies with fear for the scream was not spawned from terror, but birthed in rage. To the creatures and towns folk, the scream lasts an eternity. Shrouded in fear, Shop doors close and people retreat into their safe zones, no one knows what’s going on, the city is on high alert.. Whispers say it’s the king..

Far off on the isle of evil, the demon parrot, the presage of quick death, awakes with a certain curiosity stirring about from this distance scream, he takes flight. Zipping fast into the clear night sky in the direction it came from, he searches his depth for answers. The moon above him glistens across his elegant feathers as he looks intently toward the city of Venore, he begins to make his decent. As he reaches the city limit he begins to slow, quickly scanning the area for clues, his gaze suddenly locks onto a ball of fire traveling along the city roads, leaving embers in its wake.. The demon parrot circles above, he knows that death is coming..

In the city below, towns folk hide inside their homes and shut their windows for they hear the sound of hoofs on the cobble stone getting louder, they do not want to be seen... Only the brave, or foolish, crack their windows enough to see what some described as a Knight enraged, ignited by the flames of hell, who’s steed had eyes that were as black as Morgaroth’s soul. The figure flies through the streets of Venore, heading toward the southern exit... It is the King...

His breath labored, his heart furiously pumping, the king holds the burning torch high as he makes his way to the south gate. He has received news that his brother and his only son have been slain by a pack of roaming blood thirsty behemoth and he is on his way to kill everything and everyone involved, the taste of blood fills his mouth. With every thought of this unjust murder his steed rides harder and faster, as if the King and steed share the same heart... The screaming continues...

The glow of the torch illuminates the southern exit, his steed leaps over the guard rail and into the grass below, he continues to ride... The creatures and animals do not dare cross his path, they sit silently in the trees, the bushes, the tall grass and peer out as the enraged King makes his way deeper into the swamp. A shadow passes over him and he takes a quick look up into the sky, he sees the demon parrot circling... waiting…

Blazing through the swamp the King takes notice of items laying on the ground, he steps off his steed to investigate. He notices that these items belong to his brother, the obsidian knife he gave him for his 18th birthday and his guardian shield that lay half buried in the dirt.. Following the trail of items he notices the most painful thing so far, his sons boots.. The rage begins to dwindle as sadness creeps in… the King falls to his knees… The King clutches the boots, the sadness brings tears… A moment passes… The tears begin to evaporate as if squeezing a droplet of water onto a hot skillet… His body begins to shake with hate and rage, the ground trembles… He mounts his steed, the Demon Parrot silently circling above..

In the distance the King spots a slight glow from what looks like a fire brewing in the trees, he begins to slow knowing, feeling, that this is where his son and brother lie... life stolen by the wicked...

The King dismounts as the camp gets closer, he approaches the tree line to find the horror that would scar any man… The kind of horror you only see staring in the eyes of a grim reaper… 15 or so starved looking behemoths gathered around the fire where the Kings brother and son are bound, gagged and burning… The Kings mission is clear now… He slowly steps out into the clearing, walking without fear toward the gaggle of behemoths... A twig breaks under his foot step but he does not care… The behemoths all alerted at once turn their gaze toward the lonely knight and begin to rise, never taking their eyes off the King, surprised that anyone got close enough to them and is still alive… They slowly surround the King… A few moments pass… He takes one last look up at the sky, he closes his eyes, takes a deep breath in through his nose if almost to smell everything he can for what could possibly be the last time… He opens his eyes and spots the Demon parrot once again, they lock eyes… It is time… He brings his gaze back down and notices the fire has died and what is left are human remains and the light glow of embers… The brave king reaches back and draws his mighty axe, stained with the blood of his enemies… He notices the shadow of the Demon parrot circling above the behemoths… His rage begins to build… His breath harsh, His eyes blood shot… Steam rising from his body, the Demon parrots shadow is no longer there… The King enters blood rage and without any hesitation, charges the Behemoths!

Above the trees, in the night sky, the Demon parrot is satisfied… He makes his assent, leaving the King to fulfill his revenge… Even the Demon Parrot knows when one has gone too far, and the Behemoths are guilty… The sound of groans and screams fill the air, but dwindle the further up the Demon parrot flies… The king is the bringer of death tonight and he shall not be interrupted…
(The Demon Parrot fades into the black horizon…)


Personal Touch:
Tibia saved my life once upon a time. Sparing you from a long story, I was in dire place, mentally, after I returned from deployment and with the help of my friend, and the friends we made across the globe, through Tibia, brought me back to normal. I had something to “enjoy” and people to have fun with… Since then I have met up and actually hung out with some of these people, true friends for life. It is amazing how something as simple as a computer game can build bonds stronger than steel..
Thank you for your time.
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Re: Denniss Reynoldss Application

Hello Denniss, Wish you the best of luck on your application :)
"In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!"

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Hey there Driundar,

If you see this, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the story you wrote on your application. I however couldn't reply there. I want to develop my stories in a fashion that resembles yours. Lastly, I could not find you in game. Not sure if I spelled it incorrectly. Anyway, Have a good day sir.


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I will be on this week variably between Wednesday - Friday from 13:00 - 22:00 EST. Please message me during those times. Promptness is important to me, so if you are unable to contact me during those hours please inform me. I will be awaiting your message.

Kindest regards,
Inceptor of the Red Rose.