Sephnir's Application [Denied]

Character Information

Greetings! My character's name is Sephnir, a noble Paladin valiantly hunting down creatures of evil to better learn how to ultimately destroy the demon bosses that plague the lands of Tibia. Although he is just at the beginning of his journey, he has come such a long way to be where he is now. Created October 27th, 2004, he has finally emerged from the shadows where he spent every minute sharpening his wit as much as his arrows, and bending his brain as much as his bowstring.

About me

My name is Richard. I'm 25, reside in Monterey, California, and I've been playing Tibia more than half of my life. I used to play Amera religiously (it's where my main character, Ahsara, is located), but lately I've found it difficult to continue my journey there. Amera is ran by a vicious dominado guild that treats Neutrals as ATMs, using any methods necessary to extort, exploit, and abuse us. I started off as a leader of my first guild Deadly Alliance. Deadly Alliance was a small guild of just close friends that became like family the more we grew. I'm the last surviving active player from that guild, unfortunately. Shortly after establishing the guild, I was approached by Mixlalilxy, the leader of Amera's second oldest guild Invulnerable Defense of Amity. She convinced us to join her and her guild, and for 7 years I was her vice leader; her second in command; her most trusted ally. We became so close, she stayed in my apartment while she moved across the country to live with her current boyfriend.

Recently, a problem arose with Invulnerable Defense of Amity concerning one of the members of the dominado guild I mentioned. Because Mixlalilxy has a lot of real life responsibilities, it was left to me to help solve the problems. Unfortunately, we had a difference of opinion and I decided it was time for me to leave the guild that gave me my start in Tibia and create my own. I developed the guild Neutrality. In less than 2 months, I had recruited over 150 members, hosted weekly quests, provided support for fallen comrades and even avenged a few deaths. At one point, I was one of 22 members online! Unfortunately, the dominado guild noticed my quick success, and decided it was time for my reign of Neutrality to end. I am still the leader, and will continue to be so until my last breath or an opportunity arises for me to promote elsewhere.

Why I want to join Red Rose
Tibian history has always been a quirk of mine. Yours I find most interesting. I've always dreamed of one day becoming a member of the legendary dog protectors! The amount of knowledge I have, coupled with the experience you have, would put me in a place I've wanted to be since 2002.

Roleplaying Story
My First Hydra
Covered in blood, Sephnir heard a distinct roar off in the distance. It was unlike the countless cries and moans he had been hearing as his arrows pierced the hearts of the many dragons plaguing the golden city of Yalahar, much more confident and sinister he thought. As Sephnir rounded the corner into a dark, decrepit cave he noticed a green head peeking out of the shadows. "Hmph. Weirdest looking dragon I've ever seen." smirked Sephnir. But just then, 2 more heads came from behind the veil of darkness, wiping the smirk right off Sephnir's face. He struggled to knock his arrow, fear taking over his nerves. Sephnir fought valiantly, dodging waves of earth and water and magically stopping the almost paralyzing effect the Ice Missle had on his muscles. Sephnir knew he could not run, it was either him or this three headed beast he had only heard stories of; the hydra.

It was a long battle, many arrows strewn about the battlefield. Some were still lodged in the hydra, blood oozing from the wounds. Covered in dirt and blood; some of it his, most of it the beasts, Sephnir was getting physically exhausted. He could tell he had to be close to slaying the beast, but legend had told him that the hydras were capable of healing themselves, so he knew he had to act fast. Deciding it was now or never, Sephnir knocked 3 arrows in his Elvish made bow. He pushed himself to his limits, ran farther ahead of the beast than he had thought possible, turned around and waited. The beast would surely follow him, but the veil of darkness deep in the cave had made it near impossible to line up the shot he was planning. Suddenly, the hydra reveals its 3 heads and charges straight for Sephnir. Back against the wall, he lined up his shot. This was it, time for Sephnir to learn exactly what he was made of. Sephnir lined up his arrows, pulled the bow back as far as he could muster, and released. Each arrow connected with the center of each of the hydra's three heads. The hydra went stiff, and stumbled to the ground. The momentum the hydra had built was keeping its lifeless body barreling towards Sephnir. Sephnir had done it. He had slain the legendary beast. As a trophy of his great accomplishment, Sephnir had used his machete to hack off one of the heads of the hydra as proof of his bravery. At that moment, Sephnir knew he was destined for something great.

Personal Touch
Red Rose has always been a legacy. The determination, endurance, and strength this guild shows in their every day practices has been an inspiration for what I wanted in a guild on Amera. I love helping people, I love sharing my knowledge with others, and most importantly I love the community Tibia has given me for the last 14 years. I really hope you consider me to be worthy of the Red Rose, and if elected I won't let you down.

Re: Sephnir's Application

Sitting at his office desk, Gryphis goes through the usual paperwork, taking deep, sighing breaths between pages.
As a piece of pergamine with a folded corner among the mail catches his attention, he reaches for it and lets his eyes skim through the text.

A moment later, with the candlelight brightening up his slight smirk, his elven hand wraps gently around a feather pen. Put down to paper, it writes:
Ashari, young one

Your application has been noticed.

I encourage you to contact as many members of the Red Rose Family as you can, myself included.

I will await your message.

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