Joining application of an old knight [Accepted]

Greetings fellow Red Roses.
An old knight of diplomatic wisdom and knowledge wants to join your ranks. I'm sure that you can have a good use of me.

I got alot of characters during the 19 years of time ive been playing tibia. Mostly of you might remember me as Fretyn, but some might have meet me as Balrog the rpg troll living in the deep hiding at the roots of the mountains in Khazad-dûm.

Or you have meet me as the fisherman Squallie on the south part of Senja that loves delicous fishys. Some might have meet my lost brother Fratyn the paladin whos grown up in the west of Thais.

Ive been guildless for alot of years now. Been in some guilds durring my years such as TRP as a leader and Diplomat. I was also in Darkside of our young years of tibia. But mostley ive been in peaceful guilds such as The Pox society where helping eachother and friendship comes first. But latley ive been asked by both Chikilina and Natures Lord to consider Red Rose as a fantastic guild to join. After some time to think and reading your codex ive relized i could contribute alot to the guild as a friend and comrade in better times and in bad times. My playing style atm are to have as fun as i can when im online playing diffrent vocations is also a nice threat to do. Quests are fun to do aswell blocked some inq and poi services for fun over the years.

My name is Emil.
And in real life im a 32 year old married father with one 1 year old daughter and soon another baby boy will be in my life.
Im from Sweden but living in Norway since 9 years of time married to a norweigan. Working as a assistant manager in a foodcompany (old gourmet chef as profesion). I'm currently taking a bachelor in marketing and leadership as an extra treat in life aswell. I like to enyoy food and drinks with friends and family on my sparetime. Working around the house/garden and using my body on labor is relaxing. Also we have a jack russell named Molly that i play with in the woods both on bike or running. She loves freesbees and tennisballs. Things i dislike are liers and people that doesnt care about others. Im always happy and probebly angry once a year (amazing life is good).

Im excited to see everyone for some fun days..

Have a nice day and remember its Friday tomorrow!

A little poem for you.

Red Rose is the eternity of glory.
Shines through a bright light of fire.
The red colour of love and blood.
We are joining the friendship and strenght.
For brothers and sisters we stand.
We are the wise and old.
Red Rose to the end. :roll:

Re: Joining application of an old knight

Greetings, application noted, if you catch me in game feel free to talk to me.

Good luck with your application.
"In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!"