Sleepers Application 2.0 [Denied]

Hello fellow Red Roses! like i said last time i applied, Its an hounor to apply to this Ancient guild! A guild whom ive been dreaming of to join when i started to play Tibia, but never really had the chance to, because of my poor english and age.

1. Character/Player Information
• I created this character/account back in 2013, Been playing Tibia since late 2002 tho,
Antica was the first world, but moved to Nova later because i got pked and lost my stuff, was the same in Nova so i moved to Lunara after that :lol:

I would love to talk about my friends, but i still dont have any, i will explain why i havent gotten any new friends since the last time i applied later on.

• Some personal information about myself.. Well, my name is Aho, short and good :lol: And i live in Sweden, coming from a town called Örebro, but moved to Stockholm because lack of work as excevator operator in my old small town. Ive been living in Stockholm for about 2-3 years now, and alot has happend in these years, ive meet my love of my life, Nuhara, aka - Aholina (ingame) we are getting married this summer if everything goes as planned, we have ordered our rings :D!

After i applied, things turned from good to bad real quick.. I was in 2 car crashes, on the same day within 2 houers, sounds unbeliveble, but ive got the photos on my instagram :( Now my neck and back is kinda broken, i take pills everyday so i can "survive" the day. Those car crashes made me lose my job in Stockholm, so i had to move back, but i thank God for having new contacts after some years being an excevator operator, so i got an new job here in Örebro, my body is still broken but operating my dream machine makes me think of other things and not the pain. I operate an "Volvo EW160B" thats and excevator on wheels (ew=excevator wheel) (160=16 ton) (b=have no idea) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Im not swedish tho! Im Syriac/Aramaic, my family is originally from Mesopotamia, an Ancient city, and ancient people, i talk the language that Jesus spoke, belive it or not, sounds wicked XD! And my girlfriend Assyrian, also kinda ancient there too :lol:

My hobbies is my job, and my girlfriend, and Tibia :D these 3 are somthing i always need in my life. My work because i love to operate my machine, my soon to be wife Nuhara, well cuz shes jus awesome :D! and of course Tibia, something that have been with me since 2002.

I would like to finish with saying that im a real Happy fellow, i always want people to be happy, and not sad, i had it rugh when i was young, i was picked at because im a Christian in school, i was beeten, also got stabbed. my rugh childhood was really sad, and i dont want people to be sad, i want everyone to be happy! Thats why i spreed my happyness in Real life also ingame! Helping people is what i always do when i dont have anything else to do or dont have anything important to do! :D
What i dislike? Well that i have Dyslexia, and that makes me have this poor english even tho ive been playing online games since i was a fat kiddo
But Tibia is the game ive been playing the longest, started Tibia back in 2002-2003, and im only 22 years old (born 1994)

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose

Red Rose, an guild who brings old memories back to life, its not one of the most respectful and ancient guild in Tibia, It is the most respectful and Ancient guild in Tibia! And i would love to make be in it :D! And how epic cool isnt it to be an member of a guild whom got their name on a Guild house in fibula in all worlds?! Red Rose is everywhere!

Ive always been checking Antican forums because of this thing, a chance to join a whole new "lvl" of Tibia! Being proud to have the title Inceptor and help the guild to grow bigger and bigger! I would like to join Red Rose because i want to help people and give people like me hope to join this guild, because if me Aho have the chance to join, im sure more people do, i think its almost every oldschoolers dream to join Red Rose, and i really want to be one of you guys :mrgreen: The one thing that makes me special is that no one can break me down, find me unhappy 1 time, then something really serious have happend, im the guy that bring joy to everything :D!

I cant really say why you should choose me, i do have a poor english, and i work alot, but why not give me an chance, god*ammit, my lastname is Cicek, which means flower/Rose in turkish xD!

3. Story

Ive been playing Tibia since i was a child, Tibia helped me when i had the tuffest time in real life, like i worte earlier, got picked at in school and outside, got beaten, stabbed etc etc, ive tried to kill myself several times when i was younger, when all seemed to go better, got my first girlfriend at 18, i thought everyting was okey now, but when i turned 19, she left me on my birthday by sending an sms with thanks for all the money and things you bouhgt me, but its not working out, took contact with her ex, she said the same to him.. So i lost cirka 30k swdish krones on her on just 1 year.. Which was and still is alot for me.. That made me sick, started to puke blood, and got real sick, which lead to my boss kicking me, i ended up with big loans.. but some months later, the company i was working for that was hired by an big company contacted me (the big company) they wanted to give me an chance, so they hired me and paid my loans, so now im back on my feet agian :D! Why i metioned Tibia was because it made me forgot about my RL problems, all was nicer here, specially Red Rose! I am sorry for not remembing the one that helped me with items and money back in the day, but that made me love Red Rose even more :lol:

4. I hope you guys liked my secound apply, and by editing and writing more about what happend etc, you guys know why i disapeared :(
I would also like to thank you guy Smashing Pumpkin for letting me do a new one :D!