Greetings, old friends. [Accepted]

Mr. Doom salutes you. It's been a long time.
Some of you know me well, some of you might not know who I'm.
Today, I want to apply for the Red Rose for the second time in my life.
But to be honest, I have always been a Red Rose in my spirit.
My story starts many years ago. But I will start when I became a leader of the Red Rose. If my memory isn't failing, it was back in early 2008 after some series of disgraceful events. Back in the age, the Alliance war was still fresh. The guild was submerged into a big crisis due to the debts the war left to us and to the fact we actually lost. Many members had different ideas of what it had to be done, and this led to heavy internal troubles. At this moment, there were two big guilds in war with each other which controlled the whole Antica. They were Twenty thieves and Bey if I remember well.
Not long before I became a leader, some serious trouble came into our rows, which made most of our members leave the guild and form their own clan. Almost all hopes were lost after than. We recruited some great people, but we also had some bad experiences. This led to a huge problem between me and one of the original active members. I'm really sorry that this ever happened, but back then I thought that we were losing the Red Rose spirit. This ended up with the retirement of my greatest teacher and friend in tibia, Octavian. Also, he asked me to take his place as a leader. And so I did, and also rebuilt the council. This, I believe, was the beginning of what the Red Rose is today. Decisions made back then were very powerful and difficult to make. We ended up hunted by friends of the other member that I had differences with before. This ended up with a lot of power abusing, persecution, pressure and whatever else that made us even suffer the consequences of all this in our personal lives outside the game. But it was worth it. The guild grew up and became active again. Fresh minds, great people willing to work and preserve the old Rose spirit. Many things happened after that, I hope most of you have lived some of them with me.

A year or two ago, I left the guild. I was actually retired for a few years already. I was still coming around sometimes, keeping my premium account to hold the Fibula tower, which is my favorite place in the game and I owned since 2007. I actually retired the game because I live really far away from the tibia servers, and theres a small delay on everything I do, and that doesn't let me play this game in a professional way. I quit the guild some time after that, because I didn't agree with some decisions taken back then. There's no point in bringing that in, because the decisions weren't bad. It was for mere personal reasons that I took this decision.
I've been feeling that I betrayed you during all these years and I know some of you don't know why I did what I did, and might have felt the same.
And even if I thought I wouldn't do anything like this again, I've decided to make this post. Because I never ceased to be a Red Rose. It was the only guild I have ever been, and I don't think I fit on any other guild.
I'm nowadays completely retired from the game. But very often I'm laying on my bed at night and start thinking about everything that I've lived in the Red Rose.
It has been a lot, really. Many friends and many memories. Many memories that I'm forgetting and I don't want to.
For all this, I ask for a chance to return to rest in the rows of the guild.
I feel bad wandering lost for the rest of eternity.
And nowhere else I can be, will be my home.

Re: Greetings, old friends.

old friend. I might make a complete fool out of myself but I am actually sitting here with a heavy heart - but heavy from joy. I do not know why you left and it honestly does not matter to me. I know THAT you left and when you did, it gave a sharp sting into the tibian soul I carry.
You were one of the first roses I ever met many years back when I was a young tibian and the Society of the black Rose was still shattering their old shack north of Thais with friendship and poetry nights. I do remember those years well and I do remember how in the years after I always adored the Red Rose and could have never imagined, being good enough to be one of them.
Whenever I roamed the lands aroung the mighty guildhall I felt that special spirit so vivdly, it made hearts jump and provided instant happiness.
Those memories are directly linked to you and many others, but you mainly.
Many great decisions came from your decision and in my opinion there are not many who can keep up with you, when it comes to true tibian spirit.
Yes, this all might sound so fishy, I recon that - but fishing is not the reason for me to write this.

I am writing this ( and I could go on and on and on!) purely for the fact that others need to know who you are. And I know that many of the spiritkeeperrs will agree.
As for mistakes - I told you a couple years back when I applied to the Red Rose due to Avenlias initiative...maybe you remember the conversation about trust and truth?
I had a long talk with you because I was insecure and had no idea whether a friendship I had to a certain person would affect me being a good Rose since that was exactly who you refer to in your above post.
And I was deeply troubled for that. You were the one person who instilled the trsut into my soul that you recognized my spirit and that you wanted me to try. I am still thankful for that and all those many years before because you made me believe again. We are all not perfect and neither is life. And we will never be able to click with everyone and anyone on this planet - that is life as well. But it is important to keep the best spirit and truth and open hearts, so we can work it all out.

When you left, a huge spark was gone for me personally and I would really really be happy to see you back, Rob. Would be a missing piece in the picture ~hugs and smiles warmly~

And now I am lost for words.

With warm hugs

LS <3 :*
" Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
" Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be. "

Kurt Cobain - he was so right.


Re: Greetings, old friends.

Thanks for your kind words... Reading such a reply made me feel really good..!
Of course I remember everything we talked, not only that particular time.
You always have been one of the kindest persons I have ever meet here.
Thank you :)

Re: Greetings, old friends.

Greetings Rob'
Here is one that once again raised from the dead :)

I would like to come in contact with you but I see you havent been online since february.

Natures Lord

My thoughts move.. my arrow fly.. one and the same..

Re: Greetings, old friends.

Hello Natures Lord!
It's great to see you back on here.
I will log in tonight (in about two hours) and look for you.
If I can't find you I will write a letter so we can set up a time.

Re: Greetings, old friends.

Hello Roses. I want to kindly retrieve my request of joining back.
I did all I could to come back. And you know the rest.
I hope you guys don't forget who I am and what I did.
And be well, hope the guild keeps on making honor to it's history.