Application Sir Chromos old player :) [Denied]

Dear RR members.
This is my my second application in my live for RR Guild. First interviev i had with Lucrezia many many years ago.
Some of you should remember me and some don't have any idea who i'm.
At the beginning i want to say im back after many years. I created this char in 2002 and now i decided to back. My name is Adrian im 31 years old and im form Poland.
As u can see on my profile and check on yours documents i'm former member of RR as a Organizer (Organizer of the Red Rose)
During war i decided to join Alliance as a RR ( Red Rose of the Alliance ).
Later as you all know some of our members decided to create new guild Divinus so times are changed. But this is the past. Now i decided to try be more online and im looking for old friends who wants to ply with me.
This is of course just a part of my history on Antica but most important if we are talking about my application.
Ill be glad if ill be able to join Red Rose again.
Hope to see You in game.

Kind Regards
Sir Chromos

Re: Application Sir Chromos old player :)

Greetings Sir Chromos,

Thank you for your interest, we are always happy to see old members returning.

However, I am afraid I must ask you to read up on the topic "How to write a correct application".

Best of luck.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.