Jamaro's application [Denied]

Hello Red Rose, it's been a long time since i last tried to join, but before we start, let me explain that last part better:
The last time, was 2 years ago, in 2015 if im not mistaken, i guess you can still find my application somewhere, it was "Furens' applicaton", it ended up being denied due to my lack of activity ingame, the reason behind it was that my account was hacked, my account had only one character, and as you can see if you search for Furens in the tibia website, the hacker created several others, it was with one of these " we detected a rule violation from you, enter this link (fake tibia website) or you will be banned" messages. I was so upset about it that i decided to quit, but now, i want to come back to Tibia, and i would really like to be a member of the RR.

1. Character/Player Information:

My old character was "Furens", but since he became mind controlled by an evil hacking-wizard, i made a new one named Jamaro Grack, i created it only a few days ago (May 26 2017, 04:02:52 CEST to be precise), but the account is a little older than that, i had created another character a while ago named "potayto", and 2 more but they were not serious, i only made them to see how was Tibia after these years and to test the ping on the different servers. as Jamaro Grack, i am a completely fresh character, not much if any social interaction so far so, zero friends, foes, or guilds.

Bonus fact: "Jamaro Grack" was the name of my first ever Tibia character, it was a suggested name from the character creation page, i dont remember the world i played, though, but i remember i managed to reach around lvl 12 and that i was a sorcerer, i also remember i used to annoy people with houses standing in 1 sqm corridors and asking for items to leave, and that i tried to kill another player with my wand of vortex but he killed me back, so it was an open pvp world, after dying i rage quitted, that's pretty much the original Jamaro Grack's biography lol, but please dont judge me, i was new to the game with like 8-9 years old, and technically, i did not steal nor kill anyone xD.

As a player, im pretty old, i have played Tibia on and off since i was a pre-puber ,im 19 now, my name is Gonzalo and i am Chilean, i could name you all the characters and servers i played but it would be boring, what is more relevant is my playstyle, as a noob, my first years were mostly focused on PVM, chatting, upgrading the equipment, and escaping PKs, i later got more aggresive and started to mess a little on pvp, but always to defend myself or a friend, in fact, the only time i actually remember random-PKing was with my first char, and i failed lol. I learnt english with tibia, and as i understood more words, i started to get more involved in the RPG aspect of the game, eventually i got really hooked by it, i found acting as i was an actual tibian ingame instead of acting "like a normal player" quite fun, in fact, the RPG encouraged me to continue to learn english so i could act the character better, i also always liked to draw things, and when i became more "RPG'ish" i started to create endless tibia-related fan art, most of which are depictions of my characters. Today, as an adult, i look at these drawings and not only remember good times of Tibia, but also good times of my childhood, it feels like a special connection to the game and i think that is in part why i come back to it.

About me, as i said above, my name is Gonzalo and i am from Chile, i grew up playing Tibia and it is one of my all-time favorite hobbies, i also greatly enjoy drawing dark-fantasy themed art, exercising, and listening music, i like 80's-90's-00's rock/grunge/metal the most and my favorite band is Nine Inch Nails, other videogames i often play are Quake 1, Starcraft, and the casual counter strike session, i'm a big fan of "old" pc games.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose:

Because it fits my playstyle perfectly, and because it is historical in the game and i'd love to be part of it and contribute to its history, i first got to know about the Red Rose
many many years ago when i was a little noob browsing tibiawiki and saw the "Red Rose Shield" info, a friend of that time also told of a good Tibia screenshot website, it was "The Cobalt Tower", for years, i had big fun watching Beowulf's screenshots while manasiting/training, i watched them over and over again, they just didnt get old, in fact i think im gonna pay it a visit again for the nostalgia later once i finish writing my application lol.

"What makes you special and why should we choose you?":
This brings me to a more recent part of my Tibian "career", to be honest the last time i tried to join with Furens, was mostly just because it was the guild of these fun screenshots, but now it is because of a deeper reason, after i quit with Furens, a friend told me of a "cool 7.4 OT" that ot was "Tibianic/Medivia", i created a character named "Tulio" and started my journey, the nostalgic feeling was great, and once i reached a decent level, i founded the guild "Templars of Might", i was strict to recruit only fair, trustworthy players, as i hate cheaters and random pks, i was careful with who i recruited, i got more members, and eventually started to share my thoughts with my fellow templars, most agreed with my points of view and i kicked the ones who did not seem serious, we bought a guildhall, and provided all members with a room with a bed and a chest, for a fee of 1k fishes per week, as we had a table on the guildhall which was open for all members to eat, we managed to create a very good guild of friends and "good guys", we were known on the server for fighting cheaters and lurers, and we had a good relation with the public, we killed many random pkers lurers and thieves, and also helped the GM ban many botters, it was very fun to be a "good guy" in our guild, almost all members were trustworthy, we knew each other well and the comradery was awesome, but sadly, messing with botters and pkers meant messing with their sometimes main chars too, one day, we killed a runefarm, and it resulted to be a farm of the "Damodreds" a guild of high levels who were at war, they got angry at us because apart from killing their farmers, we made the gm ban them (there you get deleted for botting), and they started to hunt us down, we fought back but our guild of lvls 30-60's had nothing to do against one of 80-200's, we eventually got all annihilated and hunted, the Templars of Might was disbanded, and most of our friends quit, in the end, i quit too as everything i had built was destroyed.

I think im special because most of the ideals of my old guild were ideals shared with the RR, a fair, friendly world, without cheaters or douchebags, we killed a lot of people but it was never a random person, always either a random pker, a lurer, a lootbag thief, or a botter, we were one of the few true RPG guilds of the server (we even had a bathroom on the guildhall lol), in general, very similar to what the Red Rose stands for, we never hosted an event, though. If i could join, i would behave in the same way as i did when i was leading my guild, ofcourse i now know killing a cheater is not the way to go, as it is highly dangerous for a guild, i rather just report it, i learnt my lesson, but i would continue to be a helpful player, a RPG player, a player who actively fights cheaters in the ways he can, and one that doesn't hesitate to put himself in danger to prevent injustice, even if it means a possible death, it sounds cheesy lol but its true, i really behaved that way, and i enjoyed it, and id like to do it again, and what better place than the good'ol Red Rose for a player like me?, i say only the Templars of Might, but it doesnt exist anymore lol.

3. Roleplaying Story

The following history is a mix of real(ingame) events and fantasy, it also contains some background history for Jamaro Grack (current JG not the old one):

"long gone are the true heroes of this world"

After the fall of the Templars of Might, there was no other
organization left with such a will to seek justice, the death of
the Grandmaster to the hands of the Dreads was only the beginning of
a dark age, after his assassination, the Dreads continued to hunt
down the remaining templars, in just a few weeks, they had
exterminated most of the members, only a small bunch managed to stay
alive thanks to the help of valiant civilians who let them hide in
their houses, but for a templar, watching the world in disgrace from
the darkness was perphas even worse than death itself, but they had
no choice.

After winning the war and terminating all neutral armed organizations,
the Dreads and their allies took control of the big cities, there was
no one left to stand in their way: the world now belonged to them.
Now everyone had to do as they pleased, Abusive taxes and limits to
studies of magic and war were just a few of the new "rules", if they
kept the masses weak and ignorant, the posibilites for a rebellion
were highly unlikely.

But despite this new era of darkness, there was still a few who could
overcome their fears, they united, and against all odds, they tried
to put an end to the reign of terror of the Dreads.

Under the lead of Lord Kalfels, a high-rank templar who survived the
massacre of his guild, they started to prepare for a new war, meeting
in caves, training on remote places away from civilization, moving
throught the sewers to avoid detection, they managed to build a small
army, it was a modest force, mostly made up of warriors and archers,
of which a lot were poorly trained, and only a small amount of mages,
in these times the art of magic was strictly restricted for most
persons, because skilled mages held great power, and they were highly
wanted at times of war, the Dreads killed all who refused
to join them.

It is said that the day Kalfels declared war against the Dreads, he
sealed his fate and the fate of everyone who was with him, he is not
widely remembered as a hero because of this, a huge amount of his
army were very young people, some could barely wield a war hammer
properly, but people who truly understood the situation, do remember
him as a respectable figure, it was true that he led young men and
women to an unfair battle, but he allowed an entire generation to
live and die for their dreams.

The same day the war started, it ended, a single battle raged throught
the capital city: Great fireballs and ultimate explosions illuminated
the sky, the green fields around the city walls were now red in blood,
and the streets became a mess of blood, dead bodies, broken vial glass
and pain.

Despite Kalfels' army best efforts, they were simply outnumbered and
inferior to the powerful forces of the Dreads, they managed to kill
a lot of enemies and even a couple of important warlords, but for
every enemy killed, 10 allies were torn to pieces.

Nobody survived the rampage, not even Kalfels, and along with their
lives, all hope was lost. After the battle, the Dreads made clear that
anyone who tried to get in their way would meet the same fate, they
also left the mountains of bodies to decay in the streets, as a
punishment for the civilians for not having revealed Kalfels'
intentions earlier, the bitter taste of defeat was evident in the eyes
of everyone present, and the carnage was unbelievable, limbs and
heads cut off, crushed skulls, and flesh burned by black magic were
part of the landscape, but despite the grief, they gave a worthy
burial to the bodies of their heroes.

Between the crowds, a short man with a torn tunic lifted a body from
its still open grave, it was the body of a young soldier,
he started to walk away with it when someone ordered him to stop:
"hey you disrespectful bastard!, bring that boy back!!", but to the
amazement of everyone, and in the blink of an eye, the misterious man
vanished from the place with the body...

"...Exana.... ...Gran... ...Mas... ...Mort... ...Sio!..."


-Violent gasping for air breaks the silence, followed by a weak voice-

"..W.. Where i am..?"

-A Strong voice replies-

"You are in a safe place, son"

-the young soldier, still extremely weak, barely manages to open his
eyes, he was on a dark place, lying on the floor, in front of him,
standing, was a misterious man with a torn tunic-

"We.. lost.., we.. lost the battle....
... and .. i'm dying..." -said the soldier-

-once more, the strong voice replies-

"No, not anymore son, you are just weakened, now, stand up!"

-the man extends his arm in front of him, and the soldier magically
lifts from the ground, like if an invisible force was supporting his

"Drink this" -said the misterious man, while providing the soldier a
sip from a vial filled with red liquid-

-suddenly, the soldier starts to feel warmer and stronger, but still
sore and in pain, he now stands on his own at least, and sees more clear-

"Who are you?, is this the underworld?" -he said-

-the misterious man replied-

"you are alive, and you are going to leave this world"

-The soldier, agitated, and confused at these words, asked-

"What?!, what do you mean?!, what is this place?! who are you?!"

-But the misterious man ignored him, and mumbling strange words, while
extending both arms in front of him, materialized a magic forcefield-

"This world is tainted with darkness, i managed to retrieve
your tormented soul from the battlefield, but resurrecting you to live
in a world like this... is worse than letting you die"

"WHY DID YOU RESURRECT ME THEN!? WHO ARE YOU?!" -the shocked soldier

"I was watching your people's odyssey for freedom, from the other side,
and when i saw you all die, i could not contain anymore, this could
not be the end i said, the gods could not allow evil to consume
everything, i pleaded them, and they authorized me to intervene on a
rather minimalistic but meaningfull way: if at least the flame of one
noble soul was saved from being extinguished, evil wouldn't have his
definitive victory....

It is not because of me that you are back, it is because of you, your
undying will to fight not only for your freedom, but for everyone's,
pleased the gods of good, and they choose you to be brought back,
every drop of blood is worth when you fight for a noble cause, son..

But they did not only decide to resurrect you, they decided to also
bring you to a better world, who is in need of souls like yours...

consider yourself lucky, for the information im about to
reveal to you:

At a certain point in time, the world of Tibia started to gradually
divide into parallel dimensions, some are identical and others are
different from the original, your world, a different one, is only one
of many, but it is heavily plagued by evil.
Because of your bravery and noble spirit, you have earned your place
on the first world, the original, the world of Antica, the gods have
predicted you a great future there, if you accept."

-after hearing these words, the soldier remained motionless, thinking,
amazed for what he just heard, the impossible suddenly became reality,
he could not believe it, but he was also full of determination, and
ready to make a choice-

"If this is the will of the gods, if this is my fate, i cannot reject
it, i accept the new course my life has taken, sir"
-The soldier responded, while aproaching to the portal-

"Wise choice son, you made the right decision, but before you go,
there is one last thing that must be done...
Because of all your deeds, and because you fought under the command of
Lord Kalfels, i, the grandmaster, grant you the tittle of honorary
Templar, now you are the last one, be sure to make me proud!"

-as he smiled, he walked throught the portal, everything seemed to dissapear, his
senses went numb, everything was black...

...Alone in the void, in distance, he saw a blue light, it was coming
full speed at him, and when it came in contact with his body, he
crashed violently inside a cave, the floor was green crystal, and
there was some fire on it, there was a dead person with a dagger next
to it, he picked it up, and then noticed an unknown, reptile-looking
beast charging at his position, it looked heavily wounded, but was
still hostile, without hesitation, he fought for his life once more,
now the beast was dead, and there was a man behind a barricade,
looking at him, it was Sir Menesto, they had a talk, and Menesto
revealed that new people coming throught portals was common here
-"i dont feel that special anymore huh" the soldier said to himself-
after providing some food and a rope, Menesto told him to go up and
reach the surface, it was just the beginning of a new adventure for the soldier.-

Bonus facts:
-Templars of Might was a real guild.
-the "Dreads" are based on the guild "Damodreds", which was also real, it is also true that they won a war on the server and power abused everyone.
-"Lord Kalfels" is based on player "Lord Kalf", which was one of the highest leveled characters of the guild, a vice leader and one of the close friends of Tulio.
-T.O.M vs Damodreds "mini war" was real, but Lord Kalf did survive, along with some other members, the guild was disbanded after everyone got hunted.
-Templar survivors "hiding" in houses (not leaving pz XD) was also true.
-Tulio(me) was the first to die in the battle (i went rambo style in the front and they UE'd the **** out of me lol).
- "the other side" represents the pc screen, "the tormented soul" represents me as a player, and "the gods of good" represent my father and brother who encouraged me to play the real Tibia again.
- Jamaro Grack was not part of the real events, but his character was supposed to be a neutral who joined Kalfels' army to fight injustice, what is true is that some neutrals did help us on the real battle, and they died and got hunted too.
- in reality, we didnt kill a single Damodred, but we tried xD!.

4. A Personal Touch:

how about some screenshots and fan art:
Jamaro Grack

interesting stuff to read, and proofs of my history:

and to finish, a joke:

"A bear was taking a dump in the forest when a rabbit walked by. The bear said, "Hey rabbit, does sh*t stick to your fur?"
"No," replied the rabbit.
The bear picked up the rabbit and wiped his ass with him."
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Re: Jamaro's application

Greetings, application noted.

If you ever see me in-game feel free to talk to me
"In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!"

Re: Jamaro's application

Hey!, thanks everyone for the replies, i will try to meet you all in person.

@Chikilina: i enjoyed our talk today, forgive me for my foolishness, but i have a personal tradition where i embarass myself the first time i meet a new person, it gets better later on thankfully xD, i'm also studying lots about Banor and the genesis of this world, its a pretty interesting history i must say, and i assure you wont catch me off guard with that topic the next time!.