Asteiro's Application [Accepted]

1. Character/Player Information
*Warning bad english*

Heyo, my name is Matthew and I like drifting on forklift and listening good stories narrated by someone.
Also exploring and click the circles to the beat.
My hobby is watching japanish cartoons and traveling by bike.
I don't like being ignored by other people.

My character name is Asteiro Im 135 Royal Paladin. My adventure started in Carlin with 2 fellows, probably september 2015 but it was short story in my time line, about one month.
First of my freinds was crooked nose thief who wanted to be paladin and second was magnificent knight, on which you could always count.
My hobby was hunting mad dwarfs in mines of Kazordoon and crossing lands to collect as much empty flasks as I could. I was on many islands and visit many place but I dont remember most of them because of accident.
While I was about to visit elf's fortress on swamps in Venore, I let my guard down and didn't notice bandits who koncked me down so fast. Soon my friends left this world and soon me too.
I come back october 2016 and in Venore when I lost everythink what I had and my adventure ended,
I found somethink what changed everythink and created new way in my life and led me to there where I am nowadays but it's too long story...

Well.. about my previous guild, I was only in one named Green Dragon. My amazing fishing abililites was noticed by one of the investors of this guild and I started work there
as a chef. I was preaparing food to main room, meal composition and symphony of tastes to ensure highest enjoyment our guests of serving food.
I crossed many places to get food from all sides of the world and spend more money on it than on anythink else. I leaved because of bad salary.

Still fishing.

Im VIP member of the Literature Afternoon organized by Chikilina and Cotelaria, every friday 23:00 CEST!
Also winner of the book contest on Literature Afternoons, I wrote few books, people even said that they aren't bad but good.
Gotta catch them all.

Champion of the cards game tournament organized by Tonestas. Tournaments are every(almost) Monday 21:00 CEST!
Sometimes I like to come and play cards in Amity guild house, game created by Tonestas.
I already caught them all...

Even if I leaved my old guild, Im still protector of the Inn and poor supporter.
If you are not member of Amity.. you can always visit Green Dragon Inn everyday!
They need to add more fish no addons meh

Currently I have my own guild but the only reason to have it is to hold guild house which I bought for somethink esle but it failed and would be waste to leave it now.
But if my application would be accept, I'll change owner to other character or give it to friend.
If you need some fish, call me!

Im rather peaceful person. I always try to convince people to be friendly even if they try to kill me, Im good with them.
Probably they just doing this as their hobby, somethink like a "villian for fun", well I can't be mad on some becasue he doing what he like.
I don't have enemies, I mean no one stalking me just to kill me, not yet. Im not taking part in fights until I have to protect someone.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose

Red Rose is full of interesting people and I'd like to meet them all, I know a lot of them are retried so all it is impossible, but maybe.
Also I wanna join to my friend Ceori who love watching anime like me.
I met much more interseting people in this guild like a Avora who is mad car lover, Chikilina who have flower shop and creating amazing stuff. Knightguard, protector of the doors of Red Rose.
Cotelaria, realy nice person, Few times even talk with mighty lancemaster, wish to talk with him again and of course Natures Lord who inspired me to write this application.
Stories from past, one day I'd like to hear somethink more about Red Rose history from their members cause this guild is in Tibia since the begging and survived for so long.
Bad and good times. I wish there would be book about it, about creation, first members, creators, begging, new friends and traitors.. alliances and wars,
moments when guild was about to end(maybe/I dont know), events and meetings, new age. I hope someone one day would make somethink like that.

3. Roleplaying Story

This is book that I wrote on one of Literature Afternoons

I though that would be day like every in my quiet life, peacefully morning.. but suddenly screams, I heard screams which woke up me realy fast.
As fast as I can I looked by the window and saw dark sky and people running away to safe place. There was small group of warriors, so I took my euqipment and went to ask about situation.
Demon they said, brute creature appears with his army and started his destruction. They was looking for people to stop him so I joined them and rush for him.
We crossed dark steps of Roshamuul and killed a lot of memebrs of his army, then deeper and deeper, harder and harder but it was nothink compare to what we saw.
In the middle of dungeon, Gaz'haragoth surrounded... by hundreds of dead body, but people weren't scared yet, they attacked him with group of 26 people.
I tried to shoot him by my bow with other archers. We though it will be end but suddenly we heard roar and somke appeared around battlefield. After moment I saw that all warriors lie on the ground...
From this moment everyone who survived, lost all hope in vistocry of this fight, some people tried to retreat but way to home was too long and too dangerous to cross with few people. We lost a lot of people, but monsters were still comming to the surface.
Suddenly I heared someone comming, it was another warriors and my old friend. Thaian guardian of peace and great general. We got hope in him, he already preapred plan and tactic for fight, so as fast as we can we have implemented it.
I took my bow and wait for the moment, when general provoke him to take his attenction, I fired my arrow straigh in to his eye, we got a chance. While demon was dazed warriors rushed him and start their sword dance, sadly suddenly his minions arrived and smashed most of us.
Everyone, even our general got knoced down, I was lie on the ground with broken bow. I was about to leave this world few seconds more and it would be the end but then suddenly..
End of humanity was close, army of people lost against demons, but we have to remmember that earth not belongs only to humans. That was first time I saw it, when the world was about to be destroyed they forgot about the past.
In the entrance to the dungeon you could see shine like a sunshine enchanted in to sword which was burning demons just by looking at it. Holded by the elvish ridder with his comrades by his side on white deers.
Demons full of rage rushed them so fast, then suddenly heavy armed dwarfs they moved from behind and take fight on with Gaz'haragoth army.
Elf, dwarf and mage from the north. Only in three, they challaend demon to fight. They knew that they can't waste more people and do it by themself and do everythink to stop them.
As fast as he could elf blind him and take his attention, meanwhile mage used his earth magic to make him unmovable, then dwarf rushed from beind and cut head of the beast. This was the end of the war, demons without leader retreat.
We could back but not all..

Another one.

Thais is very dangerous place to live in. It's realy crowded place by young and old adventurers but both of them were not preaperd for this what was there or exacly who...
There was rumor about young spanish boy who hunted and killed hundreds travelers but no one ever seem him.
People says that he only appear at night and murderer innocents.
Young detective Alex wanted to find out if its true or only dumb stories spreading by people.
So when night appear he was ready to go. He went to the place when people says that he was seen by someone.
It was dark alley, you couldnt feel any wind there, silent night dark as hurt of devil. Suddenly he heard sound of broken glass he fast run to his place as fast as he could.
After moment when passed corner and noted somethink shiny he bowed to take it but.. suddenly he felt somethink passes through his body.
It was saber dirty with blood, suddenly weapon was removed and when boy turn around he saw face in hood and after this he lost his had.
But how do I know about this?

And my first book..

Books on tables
Fishs on floors,
Closed windows
and all doors,
Secret meeting
is just there,
People reading
on the chair,
Telling stories
Eating candies
drinking wine,
Many beggars
walks around,
What a meeting
is right now.

And my new but not ended yet

7 years ago with old man called Franklin we were crossing forbiddens lands by the river.
On our small canoe we had to fight against river's stream and crocodiles, surrounded by them it wasn't east but after some time we finally get to the entrance of the ancient forest.
It was our destination to get there, there where cursed treasure of lord who was killed by savages living in this jungle. My fellow told me that they are not problem, real danger is nature.
You could say that it's peaceful place, colourful flowers everywhere where you look, birds singing around and light leading you by the way and showing everythink what you want to see but when sun sleeping jungle waking up.
That's why we leaved our canoe in the morning and followed the map. It wasn't hard after some time we finally found it, in cave, chest with gold and shiny jewellery. Time to back!
We were next to the river in one moment but we couldn't see our canoe, it just disappear.
Franklin just said, looks like there's been change of plans.
To be continued!

4. A Personal Touch

Well Thank you for reading if you reach this points. Im glad that you read all that I wrote, it took some time im not good at writing application.
Sorry for my grammar..
I'd like to say hi to my mom and dad, well they dont know english.. expect "who are you/Im Andrew".
Regards to:
Mr Snake who is best snake in the world and I could drink his poison everyday,
Jimmy who always supported me when I was in trouble, my true brother,
Sweet girl from Venore,
Country Tygrys, the cutest tiger on the world whos meowing making me smile everytime,
Drug and hazzard addicted friend who always say hi friend to me,
Araradas Jigh, just amazing Araradas,
Ba'levi, serpentine tower explorer
Kniven Kent the Rock'n'Roll Rebel Rockstar of Tibia,
Owner of the best tavern in Thais, Frodo
and of course all Red Rose members :)