Michael's application [Denied]

Dear Red Rose team,

Let's give it a shot - shall we ?
My name is Michael K, im 23 yo student from Poland (electronic and technical engineering) trying to find his pleasure in playing good old game called Tibia. I'm new to Antica however i've got some past experiance with other worlds, but due to loneliness and solitude in there I've been forced to leave Tibia behind for a while. But let's continue with requirements !

1. Character / Player information :
I used to play Nerana with 100+ knight, few other characters that i was able to level up to 50 or so and long long time ago while tibia 7.6 was a thing i managed to create powerful mage level 29 (no joke, one of the best :D). I'm tired of playing alone, i want to create friendship that would last for a long long time. Now I'm lvl 20 sorcerer waiting for his opportunity to get premium account and experiance amazing adventures or spend some time with guys i can call guildmembers.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose:
In my opinion being in RR brings not only glory and history behind it but also pleasure and fun out of Tibia. Playing with friends is one of the most important thing connected to playing tibia.

3. Roleplaying Story :
Hard task - you may ask why is that ? Because i have no funny experiance with playing, i may talk about boring exping and grinding - is there a point ?. I do not want to bore you with my tales about my real life adventures, tales about my studies :D

4. A Personal Touch:
- driving licence (car and motocycle)
- skydiving licence
- few projects connected to my studies (radars, drones, etc.)
- i like mountains and real life adventures
- treating everything i "touch" with respect and dedication
- also i want to buy spider (im afraid of those) or a turtle/wiewiórka
- :DAD_BOX !

I do belive that being polite, nice to others and friendly can performe miracles !

Best regards,

Re: Michael's application

Dear Michael,

thank you for your application.

However, it is lacking a few key-ingredients.
I suggest you look at some other applications here : viewforum.php?f=3

Writing a Roleplaying story is a great part of the appilcation in itself.
It does not have to be about actual roleplaying in or outside the game.
It can be a story, a poem or whatever your heart desires.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.

Re: Michael's application

Well ! Im working on it - even though my mind is focused on more electronic stuff, writing a great Roleplaying story is a great experiance - that makes me want to join you even more !!

Re: Michael's application

Seeing as you haven't uploaded a Roleplaying story and you lacked some key elements (as Avora stated), your application has been denied.
Would you have any other questions you can always find me ingame.

I wish you good luck in your future endeavours!

Smashing Pumpkin