Nesie Brus storms! [Withdrawn]

Hail Roses!

My name is Anna, I’m 24 years old girl from Cracow, Poland. I work in a bakery as a food technologist. I’m into gaming, game design, anime, eating good food and drinking craft beers (my favourite styles are belgians witbier and lambic).

Recent favourite song:

Tibia career
I’ve started to play Tibia back in 2013 with shorter or longer breaks. This is the creation date of Nesie Brus as well. It’s my very first and the only character I actively play on.

The only guild where I have been which is worth to mention is The Seventh Circle where I spent over a year. My position over time has growth and eventually I was responsible for recruitment and many top secret AKA ninja tasks given by leadership. Meanwhile I obtained the title of Miss Fibula 2016 which I’m very proud of! In 2016 I left guild and soon later it was disbanded due to its internal issues.

I’m a neutral player who like to have fun with friends and hang around with. Since I started very late with Tibia I lack a lot of ancient knowledge due to that my very big dream is to explore and research the whole Tibia world.

Why Red Rose?
A guild is very important part of a community driven games like Tibia. The guild is home to which you can come back after tough adventure, fight or even a walk in the light of moon or... just difficult... night. Friendship, trust and honesty are fundamentals of good guild as I consider the Red Rose is and want to be part of. If I join I will respect, support, protect and treat guild like family with all my strengths.

Please take a seat next to a chimney and let me tell you the Nesie’s story...
It begins in Ab’Dendriel when the elves found a child. Abandoned child. Poor child their said. „What will we do with her? She obviously doesn't belong here. She is not an elf.”. Could she become one of them one day? Who is this child and why it’s abandoned here? The elves decided - „We cannot leave her like that! - We have to help this poor kid to grow up! - It was her destiny to be brought up by us!”

Year after year, she was growing, bigger and bigger. The elves treated her like one of them. Part of the family one would say. But she knew that something feels not right.

With a time passing elves decided to give Nesie proper education. They wanted her to know how to speak properly, write, and the most important thing - fight. They wanted, they tried, failed though. Nesie wasn’t a good pupil. She barely could write and speak. She couldn’t learn how to use a bow. Then elves came up with idea to ask humans or dwarves for a help. Maybe they would know how to teach her at least how to protect herself in world of Tibia.

After some time humans managed to teach Nesie how to use sword. To be honest she was pretty good at it. Excellent even! But that was all she could do. With proper knowledge how to survive she started to travel. The adventure which were suppose to change her life. The pirates became her comrades. She travelled from an isle to other.

Many years passed. Nesie has came back to Ab’Dendriel. She didn’t manage to find her missing past but now she know that her place in whole Tibia is her hometown, where she grew up - Ab’Dendriel. The elves barely recognized her. She was completely other being. Much taller than others, muscular, strong and very powerful woman. Berserk they called her. What she saw and experienced remains unknown to the elves. But still down deep in their hearts they recalled her as the young, cute, little Nesie whom everybody knew and beloved.

Elves have prepared a big party for Nesie’s return, where she met her present husband - Vale Brus.

Here the true story of Nesie Brus begins...

Thank you for your time! I look forward to hearing from you!

Kindest regards,
Anna/Nesie Brus.

Re: Nesie Brus storms!

Greetings Nesie,

I'm glad to see you put in an application. Looking forward to your messages. :)
Kindest regards,


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