Cyzerion/Sephyx Application. [Accepted]

Greetings Tibians of the Red Rose,

Let me begin by introducing myself.

- My name is Xander. I'm 21 years old, and I'm from Breda based in The Netherlands. Also known as "Sephyx" as a DJ/Producer. Next to that I've been a Tibian and a musician for most of my life. I also show a interest in different technical stuff. For instance: Graphic Design, I show interest in coding, yet I know not much of it, Cryptocurrencies and Sound Design.

- In-game most of you know me as "Cyzerion". I originally planned on playing as Sephyx. But apparently someone got a hold of that name before me on this game.
This character was created in early 2017. Though my adventures started in 2002. When I was just 6 years old. When a friend of mine showed me the game I was instantly hooked and have been playing ever since (with a few breaks here and there). Even though all my previous accounts have been deleted for preposterous reasons, I started again for a new adventure, this time on Antica. On this new adventure I met many kind people and together with Leadbelly and Mighty Myxir I founded the guild Seventh Seal.
I'm a person that enjoys Tibian RPG playstyle. To re-live that classical Tibian nostalgia feeling that everyone loves (as far as I know).
For the Seventh Seal I've created my own RPG quest for a mentorship programme we implemented in our guild system, which turned out pretty cool.

- As a player that has been around since the early times. I quite look up to the Red Rose and what you stand for. I have been in touch with several Red Rose members, and I admire each their authenticity, honesty and integrity. This is what Tibia needs as a community and this is also where I feel I fit in. I'd like to further develop and contribute to the guild's reputation (in a positive way ofcourse). I'd like to meet everyone from this great community and write history on Antica together with the great members of the Red Rose.

- This is the RPG quest that I've written for my previous guild's mentorship programme:

I had a strange dream one night. I do not exactly recall what and how it happened.
But what I do remember is the feeling, it all felt so real.
I remember the eyes of a slimey orange monster looking straight through my soul.
I was surrounded by bookcases and I heard a strange language that I couldn't seem to decypher.
I had a great urge towards one specific book that was hidden under the dust of a thousand years.
It was located on the far south-east side of the library.
Once I opened the book there were four numbers that were highlighted with divine light.
I don't recall which numbers they were, but the location of each couldn't leave my memories.
They were the 7th number of the first line, 8th letter of the second line, 13th number of the third line and finally the 29th number of the third line.
Perhaps the combination of those numbers will lead you somewhere...?
When I woke up I was located in a strange but magical land of elves. Perhaps the location of the hidden library was deep underneath it.
Please find out what these numbers mean. I am desperate to find out.

I see you've aquired number 3650... For all I know there's only one thing with that particular number in Tibia.
Meanwhile I've also been doing some research towards the matter of my strange dream(s).
Last night when I went to rest, I had some weird visions. I saw a ritual being performed with five white objects.
Find out what 3650 leads you to, and aquire everything that's white.
I also saw a vision of a prisoner handing over something that was used to enter a room that delivered another white object together with a stong mage's hat.
Once you've aquired the objects, report back to me. I have yet to discover what the other three objects are and where to obtain them.

Another nightmare had come up last night. I was in a sandy environment with the bright sun burning on my face.
I seemed to be banished by a pharaoh who demanded me to be locked up in a chamber.
In that chamber I felt like I was being threatened, but not by any human form.
It was by a Behemoth, a Fire Elemental and a Vampire.
I could however escape the room, that's when I found a teleport.
I have no idea how it was accessed but I know that after I've entered the teleport I had to take everything that was white.
Then I woke up and a weird image flashed in front of my eyes.
I stepped into an enchanted portal leading me to a land full of fairies where a magical island occured in the middle of a pond.
Around the fairy on that island the white ritual objects were scattered. I seem to have aquired the fifth and last object on my way there.
It is believed that once the ritual is done and you've made the fairy disappear you'd be promoted to be a full member of the guild "Seventh Seal"

- I think there's something about Tibia, The Mysteriousness. The personal value of certain in-game items, The way a few pixels stuck together. The mechanics of interaction in the game. That ignites a spark inside you that you can never let go. This is what we all agree on. I think we all share this exact same passion and as long as it stands, we should embrace this. Together.
Oh to stand our. Here is one of my songs. Enjoy it, or not!
If there are any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,
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Yours Sincerely,

Re: Cyzerion/Sephyx Application.


Another Netherlands? I thought Smash was enough... <grins>

But, in all seriousness, it's great to see your application here. Good luck.
Kindest regards,


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