Huaskfhasaft Application [Denied]


So let's start!

1. Character/Player Information
My name is Vinicius, I'm 22 years old, I live in São Paulo, Brazil. Play Tibia at about 12 years, I played in several worlds. Like Fidera, Honera, Neptera and nowadays in Antica and Ferobra. I LOVE collecting rare items, item stories, legendary players, quests, and other such things. I do not really like power lvl. I am a mechanical engineer and I work in the bank, in risk area. My characters can be seen in, but of curiosity in Ferobra, where I play with my rls, I am Master sorcerer, lvl 336.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose
Well, I already gave a little in the question of why I want to enter the Red Rose. I love RPGs, stories and legends. Participating in this guild would allow me to make many friendships with people who also like this kind of thing.
Being part of a guild that is a legend and that I always accompanied would be an honor.

3. Roleplaying Story
The night used to fall early that time of year, but still Muriel had never seen the sky darken so quickly and this was beginning to worry him. The wizard who lived in a small hut in the far north of Svargrond was an extremely lonely person, he went to town only when the seasons changed and he had come to town only a month before autumn had arrived.
The memory of his last trip made him laugh as he pulled a fish with his fishing rod and put a worm in its place.
"Lord, what do you do with this skeleton demon? Are not they dangerous? " Muriel just told the boy that he was Tim, a harmless creature he had conjured up, for he was a very powerful magician. (Actually he had nothing powerful, he only learned this magic to have a servant to help him carry the fish and who knows how to defend it from some monster). But the boy did not know that he admired the magician and went to his mother.

"Powerful wizard. He laughed again. "I'm just a fisherman." - night fell and he found himself swimming to the shore where he met Tim, and they both walked to his house.

His fishery earned him 12 fish, and that would be enough to feed and earn about 70 gold coins, who knows with them he would buy some runes of fire fields to warm himself and prepare food, and maybe even a book to pass the time.

Muriel fed and sat down to read his only book, The Story of a Yeti, he read about thirty pages, when his green eyes already begged to be covered, he slept.

Then he dreamed, he imagined that he could do anything, that he could sit on the throne of King Tibianus, who could control the seasons, so that it would always be summer, that he would never have to fish again. His sleep was obstructed by a sound of footsteps. He stood up staring into Tim's red eyes and said,

"Come on, that noise came from outside. He picked up a torch, picked up his powerful cosmic energy staff, and walked to the door. -What are you doing here? "The old man asked the boy he had met in the town a few days ago. "Did you come here alone?"

"Sir, my mother, sir ..." The boy was sobbing. "She, I, we were coming to visit you, when a bunch of mammoths accompanied by four yetis and a very strange magician, sir."

As the boy tried to tell Muriel what had happened, the real reason for Muriel's sleep disturbance had come. A wizard, with his white beard reaching his chest, glittered ice-cold blue eyes toward Muriel. The man wore light blue robes, and carried a staff, a staff that Muriel never saw the same, and the old man lavished power, due to his aura and the army of monsters who followed him.

Astonished Muriel had only one thing to say:

"Kid, take this ring of time, it will allow you to run quickly, when you get to Svargrond, warn everyone to flee and to call the best warriors in the world." The man paused. "Tell them, Ferumbras returned." - The boy did not show any expression, but thought that if that was Ferumbras really would be hopeless, if he managed to come back again, no one could stop him. The boy's thought was interrupted by Muriel's scream. "Wherever you go, run away, I can not believe he's going to kill you now, what are you waiting for?"

The boy ran very fast and the blue-hooded man, Ferumbras, just smiled, snapped his fingers so an ice storm fell toward Muriel, he had time to just think that was the kind of spell he used to do in my dreams.

Then death came, and she was as icy as winter.

4. A Personal Touch
So, more about me
Favorite itens: Golden helmet and tome set
Favorite creatures: Yeti and Ghazbaran
Favorite weapon: Thunder Hammer
Legend: Lightbringer
City: Thais
Island: Rookgaard
Quest: Pits of Inferno
Dream: Winged Helmet

Best regards

Re: Huaskfhasaft Application

Thank you for applying, I wish you the best luck, please, contact as many members as you can.

"In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!"