Application Art Devius [Accepted]

Well here's some information about my account and my character.

Created: Mar 06 2011, 06:07:52 CET. Character: Art Devius, profession: Elite Knight
I have no enemies, and I have two loyal friends whom I can count on strongly: Raphu Tajana, Qetharton Zirodin, I have no enemies, I have died a few times for pk, but I have never liked this practice and I hate attitudes of abuse of power.
I participated for less than a month of the extinct guild for reasons that I do not know; Brazukas United.
I am a passionate about tibia, I started in 2004, getting active until 2008, and returning in 2018, between that time a few comings and goings, because I was never able to definitively abandon the game hahaha.
My name is Caique Pamponet Lucas, a native of Brazil, I admire a lot of scientific and philosophical development, where I spend most of my time inside the academic institution which I am part of the student body, along with playing tibia ^^. I do not like people who do not know about honesty, dignity and honor, I do not like Hollywood movies either because the scripts are always the same and I'm not surprised by watching them.
I have always admired the Red Rose, which has already become a Tibetan institution of such importance and history as it has. For me it is unimaginable in the present days that some guild get the deeds of the Red Rose, such as the creation of a shield in honor, and the first Guild House of the game, as well as legendary players who have come here as the own Buuble. For me it would be wonderful to be part of this family, learn more about the guild, and experience this unique atmosphere. I am extremely happy to be writing this text for you, as I can remember the tibia's golden times, when I started it in version 7.4 with huge queues to enter, and RookGaard full of players, in the time of greatest prestige of the tibia. We keep the game alive for love, the one that is the greatest MMORPG of all time, as mentioned before, I feel absoultely fulfilled to participate in this selection process, just to know a little more about the Red Rose, and to be able to keep this contact with you.
I remember an adventure when I started in 2004, with a precarious internet connection, hahaha. It took me 30 days or so to leave Rookgaard and go to Carlin, I graduated knight (profession I love to this day) and I went to clear the cold lands of folda when arriving completely unprepared for any setback I was surprised by a killer player. It was a Level 15 Druid, which at the time was spectacular hahaha in view of the difficulty presented to develop the character. Anyway, I was killed and I lost my armor and my backpack. The funniest thing of all is that I cried and got very bored and frustrated, I vowed never to play Tibia again. But after only 5 minutes I was again online and in search of new ways and adventures. This being the essence of tibia, which makes it the best game of all time. Thank you all for your attention, and I express my honor, happiness and gratitude for being able to be part of the great story of the Red Rose.