Za kalortith’s application

Greetings RR,

Hail adventures, my name is Zakalortith, some of you will know that It was inspired in a legendary metal.

My newest soul was guide through the soulvortex to the Antica world Thursday, 21/03/2019 3:30 AM (3:30) CET; I still learning the Rookgaard inhabitants and starting my adventures… so I have no enemies or friends… It is a new and fresh start.

In real, my name is Gustavo, 33 years old, I’m from Brazil – married – I have a daughter, 9 months old.
I used to play in a rock band, so I really like Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I started playing Tibia on the 7.11 version unfortunately I do not have my 1st account anymore… I deleted it when I stopped to play. As many of you.. from time to time I back to play Tibia…

I have done so many things in Tibia, pk-focused, power level and RPG of course… I left and came back.. different worlds…

Calmera was my first world where I used to be a Knight called “Peronio el carbon” So many hours training with friends with the summoned monks.. raids to explore Jakundaf desert and Hellgate…

In 2004 when Cipsoft launch Pythera world.. I started a new adventure there with some RL friends.. at the time I was a Sorcerer called “Ibirituba”, I had a fixed shop spot 💪🏻 selling runes, especially SDs… when I was about to stop playing I had a “dark” time, killing every Tibians with my powerful SDs.

I had a hard stop when I started to work and study engineering, early 2006 If I’m not wrong… When my real life became quieter (about 2010) I created a new Tibia account.. I started a new adventure, created a Rookstayer in Pythera called “Tortilla”, I still Pro Publico Bono guild member, at the time an elite organization of active Rookers searching for the Rook mysteries, mainly SoF.

Besides that, my main character was “Tortilla on Harmonia” when I start to deeply read and understand Tibia lore.

Last December, I created a new character, Cap Adoky started over again in a new world (Honbra), first time as Crunor follower… I became a gentle Druid, but my experience on the world community was not that good.. it is manly power level based community.. and a power abuser dominant guild, as a neutral Tibian I had no chances… to be honest I felt like a fish out of the bowl.

Then I searched to RPG communities and I found Gentebra and Antica.

About one month ago Za kalortith appear in Gentebra.. I have a YouTube channel with the Diary of his adventures, it is a Ludic approach where the character tell his stories… it will be my Roleplaying Story and my Personal Touch
(Portuguese audio but I added an English subtitle)
Channel: Tales of Tibia
Episode #1: First steps in the Tibia world

Episode #2: Defending Rookgaard

Episode #3: Kraknaknrok fortress raid

Episode #4: Amber the Dragon slayer

My idea is to keep adding videos every Saturday.

Za kalortith is a Blue Rose guild member, the guild is an allusion to the RR. It is new guild, still learning how to organize and creating some rules…

So, Why do I want to join Red Rose?
Every Tibian knows RR it is over 20 years history, I want to be part of it.
I visited RR forum and I identified myself being a member in the first moment. I was impressed with the guild codex, guild organization, guild events…

Besides that, I had a first contact with Cotelaria, the only member that I found online… it was a pleasure to meet him, polite and attentive... I wondered if everyone in the guild behave like him.

I'm excited to meet you and talk about different topics.

Thank you to take me into consideration to be a RR member, and especially for the time spent reading my application...

One of Uman's greatest inventions, the time... it is our greatest treasure, every second that passes will never return…

Gustavo \ Zakalorith

Re: Za kalortith’s application

Olá Za kalortith, tudo certo?

Muito bom poder falar um pouco de português por aqui, hehe!
Estou acompanhando sua aplicação há um tempo e vejo que inclusive ja teve contato com o Cotelaria, posso dizer que está em boas mãos! Aquele alí é bom de papo! hahaha
Vi também, em um comentário do Core, que você está de mudança para a Holanda, é isso mesmo?! Desde 2018 estou vivendo no norte da Alemanha, posso te dizer essa mudança não é fácil, além da língua, o choque cultural é muito grande!!
Fique a vontade para entrar em contato comigo no jogo, estou online todos os dias durante a noite. Lembrando que temos uma diferença de fuso de 5 horas!


Hello Za kalortith, how are you doing?

Very nice to be able to speak a little bit of portuguese here, hehe!
I am following your application for a while and I see that you already had contact with Cotelaria, I can tell you that you are in good hands! He is that kind of guy who enjoy talking! haha
I also saw, in Core´s comments, that you are moving to Netherlands, is that right? Since 2018 I am living in north of Germany, I can tell you that this is not an easy change, besides the language, the culture shock is huge!!
Fell free to contact me in game, I am online everyday in the evening. Remembering that we have a difference of 5 hours in fuse!

Best Regards,

Re: Za kalortith’s application

Obrigado pelo resposta Jony.. estou ótimo!
Que legal que moras na Alemanha... existe uma chance muito boa de mudar para Holanda sim... estou negociado o contrato de trabalho.. se fechar estarei de mudança logo logo. se der certo podemos marcar uma cervejada.

Nas segundas e quartas chega bem tarde em casa 2am CET mas nas terças e quintas consigo chegar pelas 11pm CET. Melhor mesmo são os finais de semana.
Com certeza,quem estou vendo online eu estou contatando..
Za kalortith

Thanks Jony for the reply.. I'm fine!
That,s cool.. good to know that you live in Germany... there is a high probability to moving to Holland ... Just setting up employment contract.. if I made the deal I will be moving soon.
Of course If it works out we can have some beers.

In the Mondays and Wednesdays I arrive very late at home (2am CET) but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I arrive about 11pm CET.
I`m sure that the weekends are the best spot to have good chat.

Surely, every member that I see online... I try to have a conversation.
Za kalortith