Zap Eldorath [Accepted]

1. Character/Player Information

Greetings, Red Rose members. I have taken a long leave from Tibia, and hope to retire in your embrace, as my last action, after everything was sold and I left these lands, I am here, writing to you, the roots of my belonging. I am asking humbling if I may rejoin the Red Rose, under the premise that I may be inactive. Throughout this time, I've done a lot of soul searching, and I did a lot of growing up.

For those who don't know me, my name is Matt. I'm a software developer from USA. I was there for the very first RL guild meeting, where I met a lot of members in real life. I was an Inceptor, and left the guild due to some disagreements that I felt I could not resolve at the time. I have since resolved those disagreements, and come to terms with forgiving those who I felt wronged me, and hope that those who wronged me feel the same, because I was equally as wrong, if not more.

My character's name is Zap Eldorath, it's origins are older than Sheepii. The first name I ever came to be known by was Gilded Eldorath. I remember retiring from Tibia at the age of 14 because I got stuck in a hole at Hellgates, and no one would help me. It's in that hole that I contemplated the wonders of the world, unknowing of the journey that awaited me in the afterlife.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose

Any person who has set foot inside the family, and gained their trust and brother/sisterhood, knows the answer to this question. Most people come for the mystery, the nostalgia, or the title. While all of those are wonderful to have, nothing amounts to really feeling like you're apart of something bigger than just playing a video game. The Red Rose not only gives you that feeling, but makes it easy to be apart of that culture. The Red Rose was more than just a group of friends, or a guild in a video game to me, much more.

3. Roleplaying Story

And there it was. I had just arrived in Fibula to the Northern Outpost of the Red Rose. The trees to my west felt the smooth breeze against their leaves, and the waves to the east softly crashed on the shores. It was peaceful. Like a calm inviting hilltop, far from civilization, away from worries, and lifting with tranquility. The rugged ground had been pattered away from the soldiers that left on adventures, or those who journeyed here in search of something more. My journey beg- my trance broke as I was ushered to the side of the road.

"Out of the way!" The man shouted, as I stumbled. The horse trot past with barrels of water in the back of the trailer, before he shouted even louder, "OUT OF THE WAY!". It wasn't directed towards me, I had already left the path, but you could see as the villagers stood gazing into the village, as I did. They were not paying attention as they seemed to be captivated by something happening in the village. A stream of smoke started to cloud the oceans to the south, I had not seen it before. You could briefly see as a thin man came out of the side of the buildings on the bridge to wave his arms at the driver of the carriage, seemingly to tell him to make haste.

I turn around to see the most brilliant steed, and man race his way to the village. Gracefully, turning the corners and disappearing into the village behind some buildings. I came to my senses, I unified myself to separate myself from the environment. It was not peaceful, my senses lied to themselves. I got up on my feet and my initial instinct was to run. Run far away. But, something caught me. It was that peaceful feeling. It was infectious, and I knew I had to preserve it. I found my feet walking before my mind made the decision. As I rounded the corner, I saw more villagers running about, scattering like ants on a destroyed ant tunnel. I was startled as I was knocked off my feet. There stood the most absolutely beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.

"Sorry, love. Are you alright?" There was a bit of hurrysome in her voice. "Could you do me a favor? I need someone to help me with barrels of water and you look able." Before I knew it, my body was being lifted up with ease of her weight, it was almost as if it was effortless. I'm a 210 pound man, she barely looked 120 pounds. Puzzled, I found my feet walking in her direction before I had even made a decision, she moved faster than the rest. Her purpose was driven, and her spirit was strong. You could hear the confidence in her voice and it was the peace I was looking for. She stacked 4 buckets on top of each other, and moved to the water, without skipping a beat. Her movement silently boomed, as all I could feel was her footsteps as we moved towards the water. Boom. I could feel it convulsing through my body. Boom. Every footstep. Boom. Before I knew it my heart was beating the same, and the rhythm of this women lived vicariously through me.

"Here fill this one and that one up." She had pointed to the two empty wooden buckets on the ride of the water, hastily put down, but carefully wedged between two rocks as to not be captured by the waves. "You don't talk much, what's your name?" Her smile broke my concentration. It was like the world was divided. On one side, it was me and her, the beautiful, fully spirited, women who's every demeanor announced excellence her... and whatever had been going on in town. "Za-Zap Eldorath" I said, trying to regain any confidence I had left. "Lady Silverheart, at your service!" It was that moment that I knew... This was home.

4. A Personal Touch
I would like to thank you for the opportunity. I understand if you would rather not have me back in the Red Rose, either way, I wish you all the best.
Kindest regards,


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Re: Zap Eldorath

Dearest Sheepyy,

Wonderful to see you want to come home... the prodigal brother. Hugs and best wishes on your application.
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