Dissent [Accepted]

Dear Red Rose Guild,

1. Character/Player Information

My name is Dissent. My main character was created in 2004. I have enjoyed Tibia since the moment I started playing. The worst of times in tibia have created some the best of friends in real life.

I have never played Antica due to being loyal to my roots. Since my earliest days I have played either Hardcore-PVP or Non-PVP.

My playstyle has begun to shift from a PVP focus to a more PVE/PVM playstyle. I have began to realize that although PVP is where I came from and where my roots lie, that there is more to the game then just the senseless killing of other players. When playing the game now I realize that something has been missing. That something is the enjoyment that comes from completing quests as a TEAM, the enjoyment of looting rare items from bosses. I feel as though in 16 years of playing I have really only experienced a small portion of the actual game that I love.

My real life name is Destry. I am currently in the United States Marine Corps (Military). Being in the military for 8 years now I've come to know myself and constantly improve both personally and professionally. I have learned my flaws and worked to correct them which has also transitioned into my gameplay. I also have a family, a wife and two kids. My family is everything.

In my spare time I enjoy playing video games and taking my family to do things they find enjoyment doing.

There are a few things I dislike but i feel as though disrespectful and malicious people sum it up the best. I dislike people who are disrespectful to others and those who aim to hurt others with no legitimate reason.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose

After creating an account and playing on Dolera for many years and knowing nothing but losing what I've gained over and over. I have not always played the game legitimately and I have caused more harm than good possibly in some peoples eyes. With that being said I think it is extremely important to realize and accept that what what I did was wrong but more importantly that i overcame it. I decided to create a character on Astera (Non-PVP). That is where I met one of your current guild members, Annie Belle. Since the first time i met her she has been an inspiration to me without ever knowing it. She was honestly the only legitimate player I had known at the time to accomplish as many feats has she had. She taught me that progression can be made on your own and that nothing is impossible. I witnessed as she went from being just another player to the first Tibian in all worlds to hit magic level 100 (back when it was extremely hard). Playing with her makes me want to be an upstanding Tibian that does right by others. She and I haven't played together in many years but to this day she is the most positively influencing Tibia player i have met. So to answer the question, I want to join Red Rose because I know that if she was accepted, fits in, and stayed with the guild than it must be a great guild and something i would like to be a part of. I would love to finally play the game the way it was designed to be played, by completing quests, killing bosses, and helping those around me.

3. Roleplaying Story
Instead of waking to a breath of fresh air, Venoreans woke with a sense of despair. They woke up to the screaming of murder in the streets. As they sat there, they wondered what was going on. Throughout the streets of Venore lay the bodies of endless adventurers. Blood poured into their temples, their depots, their once safe lands. A man in all green stood with bloodlust in his veins. As his arrows hit their marks he would watch with a grim smile on his face, as his adversaries fell. Before he knew it others had taken up arms and dressed in the same outfit as if to say "spare me and I will fight with you". He accepted their gesture and began the Venorean Massacre. When the last drop of blood fell, the man in green felt a sense of satisfaction for what he had done,

As the years passed by the man in green would take the lives of thousands of Tibians. Eventually, however, the man in green would begin to feel a sense of regret for the things he had done. The lives he had cut short. He began seeking remorse in ways he would have never foreseen. He would give up his bow to those in need, he would help those along the way instead of stopping them dead in their tracks. Over time he developed into a man who only killed for the good of others, and found the most enjoyment from helping those around him. He began to associate himself with others who gained satisfaction the same way he did, by helping others. As his days came to an end he smiled, for he knew he had repented for his sins.

-Based on a true story

4. A Personal Touch

Although I have a shattered past in Tibia I hope that you can see the honestly I have brought to you. I am here to be open with the guild and those around me. I am here to reflect on the past and look forward to the future, and i hope to do that with you all.
Also, I don't have any plans of PVP while on Antica unless it is in defense of the guild and warranted by a leader.

Re: Dissent

Thank you all for replying, I will be trying to contact you guys in game, as of right now i just have a level 8 (Dimshadedz) on Antica that I will be using to communicate until my main is transferred.

Re: Dissent

Destry ♥! I've known you from Dolera (Pandemonium baby!) to Astera (Pandroas Box ♥). You've always been an honest and nice person. I wish the BEST with your application and hope to see you sit beside me as a member of the Red Rose family.
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Re: Dissent

Greetings, Dissent! Thank you for applying to the Red Rose. Send me a message ingame whenever you see me online, I'd like to have some conversation with you. Also, I wish you good luck in your application.
Kind regards,



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