Leojaliz Veed, the Knight who tripped over his own feet...

OOC: Bear with me have not done this in a looooong time :oops:

Twas a clear and sunny day, as usual I got out of my bed quite late in the evening and felt rather good about myself, slowly I rummage threw my belongings and put on my gear... Fully armored I grab my backpack, make sure all my supplies are in place and fling it across my back. Stepping out onto my balcony in my Edron flat I quickly decide that today I will go the the arena in Yalahar, kill some over grown rats and claim a nice reward...

After a long journey, non-direct mind you, I finally arrive at the port in Yalahar, without hesitation I jump of the ship and make my way quickly through the city depot out to the foreign quarter, once in murmur "utani hur" and bolt through all the gang members, beggers, amazons and the dreadful cat...

Finally, infront of the arena I slow my pace, ready my sword <noticing the edges are blunt but to lazy to sharpen them> I head in and chop!chop! of the head of gladiators chop!chop! I cant tell you how amusing this is! Chopchopchop.. Clearing the arena of gladiators I make my way to the basement and begin eradicating the rat infestation in the premises.. Not long into my task I hear a lady shouting down the entrance "How long will you be?!?" at this moment I felt I could do with a lunch break and so kindly offered the spot to lady Seydd Duki. About an hour later I hear a short abrupt scream PK! I bolt towards the basement as quickly as I could run as I enter I can see a clear trail of blood, I follow it to the bottom levels and find out that alas I was to late my princess had been slain, but the murderer, an evil paladin worshiping the ways of Zathroth was standing right infront of me, I know I am under supplied and this bastard is stronger than me but I launch a frenzied attack the fight lasts about ten minutes when I start realizing my potion will not be able to last much longer, and so the fight turned into flight and survival. For about half an hour this low life bastard chased me across the Arena, up and down countless flights of stairs, realizing he could not kill me fast enough alone he summons a powerful mage to come to his aid. At this point I thought.. just stop fighting and let this end.. as I stand and let myself be taken to the brink of death, suddenly a second group of warriors arrive and there is a sudden respite.. no ones moving, my foes stop right before dealing the death blow no one quite sure what to make of this situation, luckily I snap out of my daze and drink my two very last healing potions.. seeing this my foes cast more spells on me but immediately than the second group of warriors assaulted them, in the confusion of this new battle I quickly slide through the crowds and make my way out and finally escape I run to a cage where some trolls were being held, chopchopchop.. Feeling safe enough I crash against a wall exhausted and wait for my battle wounds to heal.

Upon returning home from this I cant help but reflect on the whole situation; Failed to rescue the princess and almost got myself killed, but at the same time I was quite amazed at my luck, if those other warriors had only arrived two seconds later, I would have been sent agonizingly to the blackness of the void... still I have shamed myself in the eyes of Banor... tomorrow... will hopefully bring redemption..

Re: Leojaliz Veed, the Knight who tripped over his own feet.

Thanks for letting us read this wonderful story
of yours, Leojaliz. I hope many more are to
come in the future!

EDIT: Don't let yourself down too hard about
this incident - remember that Banor in his greatness
will always see through all this, right into your heart,
and judge you only by that. Therefor, he will always
favour you as long as you're pure at heart.

I'm sure you'll prove your battle prowess for him
the next time around.