Chapter 1: A high meeting

The three high elves waited in silence, an air of impatience surrounded them. The sun was quickly receding below the green Ab’Dendriel skyline and nowhere could it be better admired than up here in the royal quarters of the Suntower.

Elathriel, esteemed scout and overseer of Hellgate and the prisons was the first to break the silence

“He knew where we were meeting…impromptu or not we were all told of this so he clearly has better things to do. Let’s just get on with it” His voice smeared with sarcasm.

“He is on his way” Spoke Eroth, in his usual calm and ever-knowing manner. The arcanist, high master of magic and education in Ab’dendriel carried an almost omnipotent air within the elven ranks and rightly deserved his place at head of the table. His brother on the other hand, Faluae, leader of the elven army, did not share the same demeanour but brought an aggression and steel to the Elves that had been missing for generations. Between them they brought a certain ying and yang that worked surprisingly well at the top of the Elven hierarchy.

The door burst open and Kunarueth almost fell into the room. Sweat covered his face and his hands were trembling


“You’re late.” Growled Faluae.

“No need for apologies Kunuareth my friend but please sit and we can proceed.” Eroth glanced at the scribble in front of him.

“This won’t take long we have just a couple of things to discuss. First of all – Elathriel, is the prison once again secure?”

“It is sir. I lost a couple of men but the trolls have been forced down into some caves beneath our basement and the prisoners have been returned to their cells. Our access to Hellgate is more…restricted…now, but things are looking better than they were a week ago.”

“Good. Faluae can you spare Elathriel some of your men until things down there are back to normal?”

Faluae scowled, he had always been possessive of his army and hated to see even a slight dent in the numbers available to fight on his command. He knew though that arguing was a waste of his energies in matters such as this.

“20 men, no more.”

“Thank you. Second on the agenda - we all know that the humans were growing in number here and were, shall we say…getting under our feet. Thankfully Banor’s people have settled in a rather large number just a day’s ride from here. Kunuareth I am of the understanding that you have sent your trade carts west with the humans onboard. They are all gone now?”

Kunuareth was staring at the floor. The silence around the room and eyes fixated on him woke him from deep thought

“What? Sorry! Yes. Yes, Faluae told me to but, yes. A lot of the humans have been sent west and there are just a couple more carts to go – probably in the morning.” Kunuareth feigned a smile but it fooled no-one “Is it really necessary? I mean, were they really in our way?”


“Brother!” Eroth demanded. He was rarely assertive but when he was, everyone listened.

“Kunuareth…we accommodated them temporarily, like was agreed, but even Banor knew we could not keep them here indefinitely. It is almost over, you will be able to resume trading in a couple of days and we will have our City back to ourselves.”

“I know…” Kunuareth’s voice trailed off and he slipped back into the thought that fixed his eyes on the floor.

“That is all for now my friends. Let us meet again in two days to revisit matters.”

Kunuraeth's concentration was grabbed once again as his eyes darted to the lips of Eroth.

“Thank you…” Kunuareth jumped from his chair and rushed for the door as quickly as he had come through it 10 minutes earlier.

“Kunuareth…a word please in private?” Eroth asked.

The others strode from the room and silence filled it once again.

“Kunuareth, I will keep this short."

Kunuareth's heart felt heavy. His diplomatic, financial or trade roles had never required a private word with the high elf. They had worked together for many years and had inevitably shared private jokes and conversations but this was the first time he had been summoned to stay behind for a private word. He feared that Eroth knew.

"I know why you arrived late, I know why you heard none of our words, and I know why you are in such a hurry.”

Kunuareth’s eyes grew wide as he stared at his leader. His pulse began to race as the many outcomes flew through his mind. Imprisonment? Extradition? Death? Surely not, but he had never heard of a situation quite like his own, who knew how harshly the others would judge his actions.

“You know I am a good elf Kunuareth, a patient and understanding elf, and an elf that has shared many years in your good company, company that I must admit I do enjoy." His face changed.

"But I must insist that the business that distracts you this evening – is concluded this evening. You are lucky that it is me who knows of your…betrayal…and not my brother, he would certainly have you in one of Elathriel’s cells already.” Eroth paused for a moment to let the words sink in.

“If you end this madness tonight then I will say no more, you are much too valuable to us to dismiss because of one mistake. But mark my words Kunuareth, I have eyes everywhere, and if any of them see that you don’t deal with this tonight, then I will let Faluae deal with it on my behalf. I'm sure you don't want that.”

Kunuareth went light headed. A simple, lovable elf who avoided trouble at all costs. Normally.

He nodded at his master and darted from the room.
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Chapter 2: The green miles

Agatha marched in time with Banor’s cries.


The imposing man marched ahead of her and was as awe-inspiring and godly as the stories had told.
As the platoon made their final day’s march towards the elven City of Ab’Dendriel, Banor’s troops were nearing the end of their supplies, their energy and most importantly their spirit.

Several platoons had already camped, settled and paid their way into areas of safety across the Tibian lands and Banor saw it as fitting that he and his brigade were the last to settle after ensuring the rest of his armies were safe and sound.

After what had felt like the longest year of her life, Agatha, shieldbearer for Banor himself, was now marching on autopilot as she dreamed about finally resting and not having to look at another orc, dead or alive, for the foreseeable future.

“Home straight…almost there…” recited Falcon in time with his steps.

“What are you looking forward to most Ag?”

“A toilet?” joked Agatha as she broke from her dreamstate “it’s been alright for you blokes, trees are readily available! None of you have stopped to worry about me!”

“Really though…I hear the elves make the best breads, soups…they sleep in treehouses with beds made from soaked wickerbush…”

The pair of them daydreamt together.

“I don’t know how you’ve done it Ag. When they brought you in we laughed. Women don’t fight, or at least never have! Let alone earn the right to fight directly for Banor. You realise now he’s got you carrying a shield for him...you’re his forever? No husband or kids for you...” Falcon broke into a chuckle as he finished his sentence.

A modicum of truth lay in his words but everything seemed so lighthearted now that the brigade was marching to, almost, certain safety. If any of them had been offered a long life just a year ago, with or without luxury, spouses, children or shelter – they would have accepted it without question.

That is the beauty of circumstance, one moment you have your shield pressed into the face of a 7ft tall Orc, praying that your daggerhand will answer to your command quickly enough and slice his throat before he has time to crush you in one hand. In that moment you would give anything to guarantee you will survive the day…and that had been the commitment of Banor’s people (not Banor himself, for he was created by the Gods for this purpose and needed no level of dedication or commitment) for the past year.

“Who says I want any of that? I’m just glad to be breathing. You hide behind your muscles and bravado Falcon but you are too”.

“Repeat what you just said Agatha Aguerus, go on I dare you.” Falcon looked at her with the playful grin that he shared with just Ag and his sister back in Thais.

In the distance, slowly rising above the treeline, began to stand a beautiful piece of wooden Elven architecture.

The suntower told them they would soon be granted safety by the elves of Ab’Dendriel.
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