Halloween is upon us!

As I regained consciousness and once again able to breath fairly smoothly through my nose without the feeling that my lungs were on fire,
I stumbled uphills trying to figure out my whereabouts.
It appeared that I had been dragged into an old and misty forest. The fog and indistinct noise, almost like a woman screaming for her bare life, sent shivers down my spine.
I started to quiver. I gasped for air and felt the panic building up inside of me. Only now it hit me, without any source of light I would most likely never make it out of this Godforsaken forest.
"Banor hear my prayer.. Lend me a strand of your neverending light and guide me to safety and warmth again.. Please, hear my prayer.."
I whispered with my eyes closed in hope that when I opened them I would be back tucked in my bed in Thais.
Before I could open my eyes, I felt a warm breeze in my neck.
Once again I felt shivers going through my body, and the last thing I heard was bones rattling and a hoarse voice filled with agony and bloodlust: Mouuuurn meeee! Forgive Meee!

Darkness found its way back to me, embraced me.. Embraced my soul.. Embraced my mind..
I was gone, devored in utter and eternal darkness.

Just a tiny halloween-story, suitable during dark times like this!
Happy Halloween roses! Mwahahah....