"Of The Unseen" - Midnight Sonata

Of The Unseen

The last birds fly towards the light,

As its rays sink into the sea,

The night is near and day is done,

As the black cloak covers debris,

Mother Luna looks on me now,

Her gaze so deep, belittles my soul,

It catches my breath, seizes all sound,

And shimmers in lakes like leaves in the fall,

The song is sung by the old man,

Whose softened whispers dance in the air,

As down the dark steppes he is to run,

Telling all of her mysterious glare,

And then there is silence.

It touches the heart of this peaceful land.

It plays with minds of mindless ghosts.

And loneliness can't leave us alone.

Falaen athumae yllenmo ai ahrath.

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