It looks like they finally got him...
<clenches fists>
that monster who took everything I hold dear..
DaaMn you Orc Spearman!
if just I had been stronger!! <hits table>
One day I'll acquire the Spiked sword and wipe your kind from Rookgaard..
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Wish you all a great day!

Re: Regret

I get shivers down my spine at the very mention of Rookgaard. Those orcs kicked my ass so many times I don't even want to remember. What's the most memorable place you had you ass handed to you like that?

Re: Regret

That's epic Ceori, love it.

As to Lamark's comment. I honestly cannot remember. I get my ass handed to me maybe once every 20 years!

Although I do remember an incident with a Demon Skeleton beneath the White Flower Temple in Thais back in.... 2001 or maybe 2002...
My Sorcerer at the time was around level 10-12 and I thought I'd go exploring down there.
I remember loosing my Guardian Shield to that dredful skeleton. Luckally, the Guildmaster was kind enough to go avenge me and get me my Guardian Shield back.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.

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