A Lone Adventurers Journey from 2000(2001?)~ to 2017.

The lone adventurer walked the lands of tibia for the first time year 2000~. He wielded his sword not knowing about the dangers that waited him. His journey led to the north gate of thais where a strange man were fishing with alot of supplys. The Adventurer not knowing of the rules or that the supplys was the fishermans he grabbed 5-7 fishes under the fisherman. The fisherman answered with an sudden death rune... The adventurer were like a deer in the headlights while watching his screen.. The adventurer asked around what this strange magic was looking like a cannonball was and then a mighty Druid wrote to the adventurer (Hesperides) who told me that it was a suddendeath rune. The young adventurer was impressed of the worlds of tibia so he started to studdy the magic and wonders of tibia. The young adventurer with his new knowledge started to slay different beasts around the the lands of Tibia. when he reached the age of 25 he met the man who were about to change his life forever. I remember it like it was yesterday, his name was and still are, Lightbringer...

The day at depot I remember me standing next to him asking him for something (Noob like i was it was probley something related to advice) and so he helped me out. From that day we talked from time to time and i asked about his strange gear.. I remember him saying once that he died and droped one of his great shields down in demona. I droped my jaw ... standing there with my War hammer p-set combination that all low level mages had when they slayed the mighty rotworms. I asked him if he went back to get it, but he said it was lost already. So he teached me alot of tibia but yet here i am once again playing this game... In dreams of retriving something Legendary or even solve a quest of my own..

So i please reach out for you all old school players to teach me all you know of the old Tibia. I was to young to dig so deep back then in the Tibia lore but i want to know everthing that was solved and used to do things and so on please guide me in the Dreamrealms of the nightmare knights Private message me or write here, Please tell me your adventures from the Past..
And remember! You will never forget you first dragon... Dwarf Pass....
The rest of the Book is torn.

Re: A Lone Adventurers Journey from 2000(2001?)~ to 2017.

My Journey was long but my last antica character was named Herman Hedning, Lost it due to computer crash but now i am known as Unknown Fisherman playing on another world, but thinking back to when i was young and dreamt about the treasures and the lore. I miss my early days when playing tibia was everything for me as a kid and all i wanted was to solve the old mysteries the adventures i cud not do on my own when i was that young and i still wonder what happend those days when rares were rares before drop in orshabaal etc. :) I am 27 today so as you understand my capability of playing as a 10 year old and with 24kb internet and cud be online 5hours a week maximum which made it almost impossible untill i was older and had more online time. I always think back to those days. Remember even TRP and even you Nature If im not wrong you are very oldschool aswell and i think we are from the same country aswell, we used to talk aswell :) Remember the first time i saw Kazordoon was amazed over the structures. I don't remember but there were a guild protecting kazordoon, i loved the fact that people guarded the towns from murders and so, the glory days of tibia :/ that i miss most of all.

Ill answer what ever question you want me to answer aswell. i will tell more about my adventures from my fun memories when i explored and some times did not survive haha i will share my moments from my adventures and even adventures from when i play now on Tortura... Durin Bless my soul and give me streanght from all the pk'ers and power abusers like the old days!
Asha thrazi!