Write a Book event story.


I wanted to share my entry for the "Write a Book" event.
I hope you'll like it : )

A mighty knight and his first demon.

On a dreary evening in the Thaian lands, a mighty knight from Antica sat with his lad in Frodo's hut,
sharing stories of their latest adventures.
"Two beer please." The knight said to Frodo. And Frodo replied: "Certainly!.. I heard you two talking about those adventures you've been on.
Have you heard about the demon that resurfaced from the depths of Edron?"

The knight's lad surprisingly looked up in distress. "What?! Do you mean the demon that took my family away from me five years ago?"
Frodo replied: "Yes, that demon resurfaced once again, and this time he's stronger than ever."

The mighty knight stood up and said: "This time we can take him! Despite our weaknesses compared to a demon, we are brave and clever!"

The mighty knight and his lad gathered their gear and were ready to take up the fight against the raging demon and the various other despicable creatures that roamed the lands.
"Good luck on your courageous adventure, and may you bring peace again to our lands." Frodo said.

Making their way to Edron, bystanders cheered for the mighty two. As a great faith was placed into them. A hope for peace once again.
Except one shady figure in a hood whispered: "You cannot take this demon... It's power has doubled since his last sighting."
The two proceeded with their journey, even though the shady figure put a slight hesitation into their minds.

Once they arrived in Edron they were shocked to observe the state of the city.
"I cannot believe this is happening." the knight said.
And walked towards the exit of the city.

Diabolic minions were lurking in the shadows quietly observing the knight and his lad's movements.
"We'll have to take out those minions first, we won't be able to handle everything at once." the knight said.

They took down the minions one by one until there was none left.

"It's finally time to avenge my family's death.. After five years, this is finally the moment I can slay that gruesome demon." the lad said.

What they didn't know was that one minion escaped and revealed their location to the demon. They had underestimated the demon's power.
"Your soul will be mine! Your resistance is futile! MUHAHAHA" The demon slashed them down in an instant. But their bravery will never be forgotten.
Yours Sincerely,