A very strange day!

The other day as the guild meeting got cancelled, I decided to take a quick walk through the lands of Fibula.

Everything was really peaceful and winter's breeze was really nice until...
I spotted a hungry wolf looking at me.
This was no ordinary wolf... Had red eyes and a lot of energy.
The beast started chasing me... all around Fibula..


The animal was so obsessed that I swear...
I even heard the monster speak some words to me.
"You are mine"... creeps..

I kept running, even if through this years of inactivity I became a bit fat and rusty.
My legs weren't responding very well at some point, so I decided to climb some roofs.
I'm glad I know Fibula like the palm of my hand.
Here's the beast looking at me from below:

As I was already thinking I was going to spend a whole week in that roof until someone would rescue me I realized that this beast was even scarier than I thought.
The beast could climb roofs as well...
I had to jump down to the ground and start running again!

I finally lost the hungry beast and could rest for some time at the guildhall.
My legs were hurting a bit, so I had some drinks and some food I found on an old trunk at the bar.
What a weird taste!
What was that I ate?
Nevermind, even if it was disgusting, I was so hungry that ... With a few sips of good ole' Fibula wine, it was alright.

But here comes the second part of the story. As I go upstairs in the guildhouse, I find a horrible being.

A BEHEMOTH was looking directly at me, and wanting to eat me alive.
How a behemoth could reach this place?
I started running.
My body was dizzy. My vision was blurred.
I remembered Halfhigh eating some mushrooms and going around the Fibula tunnels chewing rats...
Was some remains of Halfhigh's banquet what I just ate?

I ran as much as I could.
At some points I lost this incredible huge and hairy beast, but it always seemed to be able to find me.

My legs were almost dead, I needed a place to hide!
I couldn't go into a rooftop again because the behemoth was so big it could reach me there.
So I ran inside Fibula's main building towards my old house.
I hoped this old rusted key I had still worked!
And it did...

Thank Banor!
I was exhausted.
I sat on the old marble floor and had some rest.
Outside, I could hear the Behemoth was planning some sort of trap on me:


Ah! isn't that Natures Lord voice?
He must be here to help!
As I opened the door there was no Behemoth.
There they are, Natures Lord and Asteiro.
They heard me screaming and saw me running in the distance and they came.

We ended up at Natures Lord's house having a nice evening talk:

Where did that behemoth come from?
Where did it go?
What a weird day...