Unsolved Quests

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Unsolved Quests

Post by Tonhoz »

Hiho everyone,

I'm going first at say who is writing and start talking about some unsolved quests. My name is Antonio, playing Tibia since 2002/2003 I don't even record, I still playing this game all this years until date. Never played on Antica but always feel guild Red Rose with me (today I'm on Quelibra - Ratazana Ark or Mesziah)

Warlord Sword Quest

Everyone knows the powerfull sword ! I'm going tell what I found until now.

Let's back in time, when Annihilator quest was created. At the first Annihilator (GM Taghor) and few players was there. The begin of one most famous quest, started with 4 rewards. Yes 4 rewards, like today but was SCA, SOV, Demon Armor and MMS. Sounds strange to some people here but MMS was before Annihilation Bear.

In 2004 they intro the Annihilation Bear, and you guys have to ask, just a bear? "Everything I got it's just this lousy teddy bear." When they put this item, in 2004 the player "Pedra Manlandro Ceu" choose take this annihilator bear instead of others. MANY players of that time flamed him "what? This guy lost his mind, or he is crazy" but he answer in forum: "I'm lookin for something bigger, my main prize will come at the end of this quest". (I'm not going post the link, it's one oldest fansites (Tibiabr)) if you research going found this, it's not hard.

Well everything he told is one NPC at Venore can change the A.Bear into a item.

And I research, research asking all NPC's of Venore and I got this.

Abran Ironeye (Armor shop) react to the Teddy Bear kinda nervous like he don't wants to talk. In his room near him, up his bed have a Bear. When you ask Xed at armor shop, he says Abran Ironeye make "shady" deals in the night with a man in a hood.

Well, the fun part is I found one clue.

In VENORE/POH we have Knightmare hood / Brotherhood outfit. What suposed to be the man in a Hood.
And guess what? When you go make the Dreamers Challange Quest (to join the brotherhood ou knightmare knights) and the puzzles the mimic (creature) transforms into PRESENT BOX, ANNIHILATION BEAR, WARLORD SWORD.

And if you like to read, at the side of Knightmare's have books what they about the sword. They still have the sword, under venore, in deepland they hide the sword.

Just one note before I continue: At farmine one of npc's react at excalibug (what he says) one man was at kazordoon tabern black hood with a powerfull sword.

Well let's go back.

The point at the end is how to connect.

The sweaty cyclops can forge that item (not only what is exposed under him, if you ask about bright sword he reacts too), Abran Ironeye can give us the steel (ancient ones) to forge it. (Yes, the teddy bear has 43.0oz what is very heavy for a bear) and I need to have brootherhood or knightmare full? I stopped here.

I need one player who wants to test all the night time (because of "shady" deals) with outfit full and pick up annihilation bear.

Let me put last notes.

One player at Empera had it, he said was drop of one boss (I didn't belive so much).

And the s the npc I get sinal was Edowir (South thais temple) because he reacts about the ancient steels of sweaty cyclops with sinals what they are.

Your's Tonha

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Re: Unsolved Quests

Post by Avora Skyfallen »

Greetings Tonha,

thank you very much for this very interesting research you've done!
I would be very interested in helping you solving this quest, I'm sure other Roses would like to spend some time on it as well.

One or two Roses might already have this sword... we might never know unless we solve this pussle and have them tell us if it is the way they got it.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.

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