Invite to real Roses.

Hiho everyone,

I'm going first at say who is writing and start talking about some unsolved quests. My name is Antonio, playing Tibia since 2002/2003 I don't even record, I still playing this game all this years until date. Never played on Antica but always feel guild Red Rose with me (today I'm on Quelibra - Ratazana Ark or Mesziah)

Invite to every member of Red Rose

Everybody is welcome on Quelibra, I created one guild (I tried every single rose, blue, purple, white) but everyone was on use. And put the name of Red Roses.

We MUST be very educated and respectfull players what is very hard at my country server(Brazil) people here have problems with respect, honror, rules and friendship, and for sure neutrals with rules. Trying to copy,mirror your guild. Starting my journey with few members (but loyal and nice players).

Going try to make similiar events (we already did one last week of foundation).

And the invite here is 28 of this month going make one event of questions/answers about rpg (half of 10 questions) don't have on wiki and just for members (have small reward to 1º2º3º places with prize pool of 300k) just for fun of new year come and christmas.

Already bought the guildhouse of fibula, but still some days of bid.

Very fun what I found new players/members, everybody loves rpg, loves help each other. I helping so much the other players I think after double experience event I'm going reach tutor rank (What is proud to myslef).

Everyone here feel free to msg me and find our guild forum on tibia for sure with rules, events.

I don't know if the real Roses may accept this as a good thing, but still...

Wish all best things to this forum members and players.

Your's Tonha
Ratazana Ark
Red Roses Quelibra Leader.
Our Rules: ... id=4696117

Re: Invite to real Roses.

Dear Tonha,

let me first start off by stating that we, the Red Rose, are honored that you would choose to model your Guild after ours.
In our eyes you seem like an honorable and respectful person. People like you are what drives us in the mission to better ourselves and keep us going in the direction we always have.
Actions like yours, creating this Guild in the image of The Red Rose, help us to put ourselves, our values, our actions and our Guild in to perspective, it makes us look upon ourselves to see what we do good as well as what we might be able to do better. For this, we are very grateful.

However, we would like to ask if you would please remove our Shield as your emblem as well as our website from your Guildpage on
I would like to stress that we are very humbled & honored by your actions, but we need to make clear that The Red Roses does, in this very moment, not have any affiliation with The Red Rose of Antica and as such, linking to our forums is not going to be very wise.

Kindest Regards,
Avora Skyfallen
Ambassador of the Red Rose
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.

Re: Invite to real Roses.

Event held on December 28 for members and guests:

1. Where is a power ring quest?
A) Carlin B) Femor Hills C) Yalahar D) Ab'dendriel

What is the reward of the desert quest?
A) 10k + Ring of Healing B) 10k + Dwarf Ring C) 20k D) 10k

Who was the first player at level 100? (No bugs)
A) Arieswar B) Pepelu C) Bubble D) Cachero

Who was the first player to level 200?
A) Eternal Oblivion B) Bubble C) Cachero D) Mateusz Dragon Wielki

What is Santa's Island in Tibia?
A) Svargrond B) Senja C) Vega D) Foldable

Who has the one bless the game shield?
A) Bubble B) Arieswar C) Sheepyy D) Eternal Oblivion

Who was the first player to find Magic Long Sword?
A) Pepelu B) Arieswar C) Bubble D) Nightmare

Where is it possible to see a warrior sword without a game?
A) Ab'dendriel B) Carlin C) Thais D) Venore

Data of the guild foundation?
A) 13 B) 14 C) 15 D) 18

The winners of the Red Roses guild event held in Fibula

Shurek Solitario 6
Pelu Dinha 7
Faryut Ark 7
Supertrouxa Bolhabom 3
Jaccatcks 1
Patolino The Mago 4

Player Faryut Ark Did not want the prize. Therefore:

Pelu Dinha 7
19:26 Naji: You transferred 150000 gold to Pelu Dinha.
Shurek Solitario 6
19:27 Naji: You transferred 100000 gold to Shurek Solitario.
Patolino The Mago 4
19:27 Naji: You transferred 50000 gold to Patolino The Mago.

Thanks for the participation of all.
Ratazana Ark
Red Roses Quelibra Leader.
Our Rules: ... id=4696117