[Character Sheet] Smashing Pumpkin

First Name: [UNKNOWN]
Family Name: [UNKNOWN]

Gender: Female (transexual)
Race: Human
Place of Birth: North of Carlin
Faith: Follower of Banor

Short Bio:

Raised north of Carlin in the village of Northport she was a rather silent and kind child, always hungry and up for some good pumpkin soup that was prepared so amazingly over there. These are the main memories that remain ever since the traumatizing events of the Northport goblin raid that she caused. These events nicknamed her “Smashing Pumpkin” and still haunt her, even now in the present day.

After the events that occured at Northport she got raised by the Bandits and Hunters that roamed on and around Femor hills whom had saved her from the vicious goblins. With them she learned the arts of archery, swordfighting and hunting.
Even though she learned much after a few years she parted ways with her newfound family, due to not agreeing with their ways and being in search for absolution. After traveling and searching for absolution she ended up in Edron. Where she met someone who was almost shining with Holiness, she wore the Crest of a Red Rose. Curiously she approached her, asking about the crest and her search for absolution. This lead her to the family of the Red Rose, followers of Banor. She knew her quest had ended and a new one began, becoming a part of the Red Rose.

Many years have passed since then and she has become one of the Council members of the Red Rose. Having learned many amazing things, experienced wonderful moments and many more to come. And she knows now – even with a dark past a future can be as bright as you wish for it to be, if you search for it long enough.

Titles and important ranks held:

• Smashing Pumpkin
• Treasurer of the Red Rose

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Smashing Pumpkin