[Character sheet] Adventurer Ceori

Given name: Ceori
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of birth: Liberty Bay
Faith: Banor
Marital status: Single
Profession: Adventurer!

Born in the city of Liberty bay, a place filled with dangers from both humans and monsters, I
were lucky enough to be born on the wealthier side of the city, here I spend the most of my
time in my fathers tavern.
People visited the tavern from far and wide, mostly adventurer's or warrior's who wish to
Challenge the Behemoths on the mountains or the electrifying dragons ''also known as Wyrms''
deep beneath the ground.
The adventurers who visited often told tales of there grand adventurer in the lands of Tibia,
Tales of dragons and demons, great treasures and huge cities around the world!
all these tales fascinated me and made me want to become and adventurer like them.

At first my dad wanted me to be a bartender, but after realizing he couldn't convince to become
a bartender he put me into training on the basics of how to become and adventurer

After months of practice with both tools and weapons, my dad told me I had learned everything I
would need to start my adventure.
The very next day I woke up, but something was wrong, I hadn't heard any noise from loud visitors in the tavern, I walk downstairs to see what is up when I notice that the tavern is completely empty, in confusing I call out for my dad, but get no respond, I take on my shoes on and walks outside to look for him,
I ask people passing by and the locals, but no one have seen him.. worried I search the entire town, but I find nothing,
I return home late...I've done what I could for today, the town isn't by any means safe at night.

The next morning I continue my search for my dad but with the same result, it is as he has left the planet..
3 days later..
I sit lonely in the now empty tavern, food has started to decay, because fresh wares haven't been bought in as they usually do and soon there will be nothing to eat,
but suddenly a hear someone knocking, it's an adventurer who come by usually after hunting Wyrms, he asks me if the tavern is open, I tell him that it's closed because my dad have been missing, ''Your dad have been missing he asks me? I believe I saw the man boarding the ship when arrived at the city 4 days ago, I've been in the mountains but unless the wyrm's electricity have messed too much with my memory it was definitely him!''
I look at him with wide eyes filled with hope, DO YOU KNOW WHERE HE WENT?! I ask, sadly I do not he replies, I run upstairs grab my backpack with my adventurer gear, Thanks mr adventurer I say on my way out of the door.

I ran down to the harbor and boarded the first ship I saw, and so my search began,
at first I'm desperately looking for my dad, this goes on for weeks,
until one day I receive a letter from my dad ''Dear son, I can not share much and I'm sorry I had to leave in such a hurry, one day you'll understand''
As I read the letter I felt a sense of relief, I'm glad to know that my dad is alive, I do not understand why my dad would leave, but I'm sure he must have a reason.

For weeks I travel around Tibia looking for my dad, I stay in all kinds of places, took quests to get money for food and hunted in group together with other adventures
as months went by it started to become less of a search for my dad and more of a real adventurer, I started enjoy the traveling and finding new places, and I met great people and many friend along the way!
2 years later...
I've been traveling for 2 years and yet I feel like my adventure have just begun!
I have met many friends on my adventure around the world and I've become quite skilled at my profession <smiles>
most important of all I've joined
the Red Rose Guild
looking forward to what the future brings!
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