[Character Sheet] Cotelaria Boa Noite

First name: Cotelaria
Family name: Boa Noite
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of birth: Dawnport
Faith: Banor
Marital status: Single

He was born in a small island called Dawnport. He grew up listening stories about braves warriors who once walked through tibian lands, promoting peace and justice wherever they went. His parents, inhabitants of Dawnport, always told him stories until he sleeps; he was amazed of knowing the bravery of men and women who fought against the Orcs, or scared when listening about the battle between Minotaurs and Demons (or, for the old, Daemons) in Mintwallin.

He reached adulthood fast and decided to move out to the big city (or, like the tibians usually say, the mainland), preferring to go to the swampy Venore; not that he liked the swamp, actually he used to hate that moss green ambient and the bad smell that the city has, maybe because of the harbour region, or maybe because of the swamp below the streets. However, he believed that there was a place with good people and good adventures. Since when he was a kid he used to hear stories about Giant Spiders that inhabited the plains, about committees of braves knights who disappeared in the middle of the swamp, which made Cotelaria admire. He also heard about betting on dog racing and wanted to visit the industrial site (he likes new and modern stuff) and, the most important of all, about having the chance to meet the different kinds of people.

By influence of his parents' stories he became a great lover of stories and myster es, getting excited by entering a library or finding some adventurer who decides to stop by the venorean depot for few minutes and is willing to spend a moment talking.

After some time, Cotelaria moved out to Thais. There he met some interesting spots with strong creatures and, because his interest in studying history and solving mysteries, King Tibianus promoted him to Elder Druid! This day was, probably, the happiest day in Cotelaria's life. Cotelaria started to enjoy the city, it was big, with a lot of things happening, and cool people. But unfortunately, Thais was a very dangerous city too. The young elder druid got attacked few times, but he didn't stop liking the city for that. He also went for amazing adventures, some of them not so amazing (note: read The Day I Went to the Orc Fortress books).

He heard about a guild with honorable members called Red Rose and decided to send an application. Some weeks later he got accepted! And also discovered that the promotion day wasn't the best day of his life, but certainly the second best. The best day was the one he got accepted and joined the Red Rose as a Novicium. He couldn't be more honoured and happy. So he started searching for a mentor, and asked Chikilina to accept him as her apprentice. She accepted the petition and started guiding the young druid how to become a better druid and a real Rose. She also took him to great adventures into places that he couldn't imagine that exist, like Krailos and Yalahar. There are very powerful monsters in these lands, monsters that injured Cotelaria seriously several times but, fortunately, Banor and his mentor were there to help him to stand up and keep fighting. Cotelaria and his mentor's adventures is a subject to be continued in another thread.

The young druid prefers to read, but his mentor gave him tasks to start writing. He has already written some books about his adventures, and he will write more books soon. Right now this story is supposed to end, but it can't because it is actually happening. This is just the beginning of his history.
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