[Character Sheet] Annie Belle

Character history and background.
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[Character Sheet] Annie Belle

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First name: Annie Belle
Family name: Orphaned
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Place of birth: Woods of Ab’Dendriel
Age: A lady never tells her age
Marital status: Commitment Phobic

The night was dark and covered with a heavy mist. The air crisp from the ocean. Every star in the sky seemed to sparkle. It almost seemed as if this should be a peaceful night, one which joy could be easily felt.

However, this night would be one filled with sorrow for the one not yet born.

Crouching behind a large tree and holding it so tightly with each contraction, a woman, who is of the woodland elves, was in her last stages of labor. Her pain was so intense, but the hatred for her unborn child was even stronger. The woman cursed the child saying that she would never know true love.

The woman finished one last yell. A final push. And there arrived the child whom the woman named Abandoni, for she is abandoned. The woman took her magic wand and seared the name onto the child, lest some forget. The woman arose and left the child on the ground covered in blood with the placenta still attached.

A strong elemental elf named Annaite was watching the event unfold. When the woman left, Annaite, also known as “Annie” grabbed the child and ran back to the castle. She presented the young child to the healer. The healer saw the wicked name her mother seared onto her and let out a cry. For she knew what future the child would endure.

The healer, whom they called “Belle”, chose to raise the child in the sanctuary of the walls inside the castle. Annaite, “Annie”, was the child’s warring magic teacher. She taught her how to pull the elementals and bend them to her will... Destroy enemies, bring down armies! Belle, on the other hand, was a caregiver. A gentle elf who mastered the art of healing. She taught the child many healing spells; some for herself and some to heal friends in battle.

As time went on, they decided that the child needed a proper name, Abandoni was one given in hate by a woman so cruel that even the dark forces feared her. Annie and Belle blended their names and called her, “Annie Belle”, a name given in love.

Many years passed and the child was warned to hide her true identity. The woman who birthed her was very powerful, equally wicked and may yet still be alive!

Annie Belle absorbed all her teachers shared and became a warrior in many battles. She wore a disguise hiding that she is a woman. She feared that it could be quite deadly if discovered, not only for herself but those with which she hunted.

Many moons and suns had passed that she stood with the others in battle. She felt that time was close to revealing to her fellow warriors her identity; those with whom she trusted with her very life. She saw many of her fellow warriors fall at the hands of the vicious creatures but she fought through and refused to relent. Each battle harder than the last.

One day, after a large battle was over and it was time to celebrate in the Royal Room, she chose to remove her disguise.

The moment she revealed herself, the knights went on one knee and the King proclaimed, "A true warrior is she! Lady Annie!"

Annie felt the warmth of their words... but sadly the curse the woman who bore her remained. For Annie still felt unlovable.

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