Treaty with the guild Gods Army [Invalid]

1. No member of one guild should ever attack a member of the other guild
2. The names of PKs, who killed a guild member shall be reported to each other and hunted down in a join effort.
3. In case of a guild member attacking a member of the other guild, this shall be reported a soon as possible to the leaders of both guilds, so that proper actions and recompensations can be found.
4. Members of each guild shall help each other, when asked for food or to rescue some stuff (if it is possible)
5. Equipment and runes shall be sold to the same prices as to the members of his/her own guild
6. There shall be regular meetings to discuss problems and organize quests, guided tours, get to knows (of the different monsters and also the various guild members) and other activities
7. In case of a war the guilds will be allied and join their forces.