Treaty with the guild Illusion [Invalid]

Friendly treaty - Illusion & Red Rose:

The main purpose of this treaty is to guarantee the safety of our members and to keep a closer relationship between both guilds.

§1. The members of both guilds will avoid any aggressive actions towards each other. This includes attacks, insults, etc. a polite peaceful attitude is preferred for any dealings between the guilds.

§2. If a conflict between the members of the guilds should arise, leadership of both guilds will be informed about the incident. The Leaders will then decide a diplomatic solution which satisfy both sides. No aggressive actions will be taken while the leaders decide.

§3. If one side is planning an attack against a third group, the other side must not be forced to become involved. The other side can choose to support the planning side or to remain neutral in an upcoming conflict.

§4. Members of both guilds should aid each other when possible (i.e quests, general help). Spreading of false information or rumors about the other guild is prohibited.

§5. If one party wishes to cancel the contract, they must officially inform the other party with their reasons. Once the cancellation has been confirmed by the Leadership, the contract will then expire after 24 hours.

§6. Black book entries will be separate for each guild. See §3.

Signed for Red Rose:
Leader of the Red Rose

Signed for Illusion:
Leader of the Illusion