Treaty with the guild Imperial Response Troop [Invalid]

With the signing of this contract, the responsible leaderships of the Red Rose and the Imperial Response Troop. The purpose of this contract is to ensure the continuance of non-violent relations between the respective organizations.

1. Any violent action committed by members of either side is forbidden. Should a violent act occur, the damage must be compensated.

2. Intentionally provocative behavior by members of ether side is prohibited and must be stopped upon request.
a. This includes posting with the purpose of discrediting the other side as a whole in any matter that is not clearly a private matter.

3. All personnel of the Red Rose and all individuals that stand under their protection must obey the law of Kazordoon, and the IRT’s authority over it.

4. Persons who are officially and publicly announced on the website of the Red Rose as enemies of the Red Rose do not enjoy the protection of the Dwarven Empire unless differently specified.

5. Persons who are prosecuted by the IRT are not subject to active, passive or other support by the Red Rose or any individual that stands under their protection.

6. If a violation of this contract occurs, the respective leaderships must recommend a proper compensation and achieve approval from both sides. If an agreement cannot be reached, the contract becomes void.

Quandur, Leader of the Red Rose
Simu Osira, Vice-Leader of the Red Rose

Cecile Erathon, Secretary of Defense of the IRT
Petros Erathon, General of the IRT