Odim [Denied]

I am sorry for my english.

1. Character / Player Information
My name is Thiago Saad, I'm 25 years old (1993), I'm Brazilian and I currently live in Rio de Janeiro / Capital.

Tibia game since version 7.4 which was released on 14/12/2004 and currently play in a character called ODIM with my friend of game (LADY OGURO), this my char will be Elder Druid because I like to help a lot in quests, up's among others and his name is this because I really like nordic mythology and Tibian: D. Out of the tibia I am graduating in Computer Science final since year (2019) and currently study new technologies of the market for web and mobile development, I possess experiences in multinational companies and freelancer.

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose?
The Red Rose guild was founded in 1998 (if I'm not mistaken, I was only 5 years old, give me a discount: D) ​​on the quiet and first-born server of Antica, In 2002 (I was about 9 years old but I already got some gps on the ground), the guilds section was posted on the official website which was registered from there. (Ahh the guild completed 20 years of existence in 2018 * .*).

The Rose Shield was created in honor of Red Rose who also "won" a Guildhall in Fibula with the name of the Guild. The Red Rose has a lot of historical facts inside the game, the same is famous for the events that organizes such as "Miss Fibula", "Carnival Party" and besides winning the first Tibia football tournament (I still prefer the selection Brazilian: 'P, but do not talk about the wash we take in the cup for Germany, right?) And unfortunately many members of the original guild are no longer among us.

Red Rose Codex fascinates me because I always took the game very seriously (unfortunately cipsoft spoiled a bit), with this I always looked at Tibia to find quest's (I had to read a lot of book in hehe lockers), to help new players in rookguard (and wondering if that spike sword was going to come to my hands). I have always been a Tibian interconnected both emotionally (it was true that I even cried when I died and even made a new character so I did not look ugly) and psychologically with the game, fascinated by his RPG regarding quests and new things to discover.

Even though I am currently Low Level, I have a great experience of playing (up to version 8.6), maturity to manage players and relationship with each other, I love the Game, History, Guild and their deeds. I am here not to have the name "Guild House" when giving a look on my character, but rather to help the Guild and everyone in any way that suits me.

3. Roleplaying Story
Unfortunately I do not have great Tibian stories about great deeds. As I said I started in Version 7.4 and in this version I never left rookguard because I was still very young and I was getting to know the game (but I love the GPS on the ground and people giving me potion of poison to die and having to push ctrl + Q or ctrl + L to duplicate items haha). As of version 7.6 I already had some experience and went to Mainland where it was still noob, because it was a new "world", new experiences, new things to learn, and there I was a knight and my best moment that I remember until today is to have possessed the great "Fire sword" which gave me a certain visibility in the dark caves of the game. After a few years I started a character in Balera, and already with RPG experience, I created a character called Knight Chamine which, as time passed, I got the Top on the server at that time (level 100) and was a dominating server leader, unfortunately at that time as a child and and without maturity my guild was really to dominate the server and their battles. As time went by, I was dividing my account in my char in Balera and I started to play in Antica (I do not remember the name of my character) and that's when I started listening to the great stories of Mulf, Arieswar, Setzer Gambler , Cachero, Bubble and etc) and I began to fascinate to discover the quest's and to experience more the rpg than the pvp, I was never high level in Antica and with this I did not discover many important things, I just came close to discover the same, until other players like Mulf had already discovered. In the end it was a time when I was already in high school and needed to devote myself to my studies and I started to stop playing.

4. A Personal Touch
I do not have Level, I do not have Money and much less items...But with a mature head and knowledge and work experience, I have the "know how" to help guild and player management, which is aimed at helping both beginners and seniors. As I said today I am graduating in Computer Science and I divide my time with Tibia, college, study abroad and work, so I do not get 15 hours inside the same game, but whenever possible I go to the game to play and talk with my friend Lady Oguro. I feel very prepared to boot as an apprentice, and Red Rose will be able to teach me so much about the game and how to learn new languages, by players from different countries.

Good luck to me and thanks for reading!
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Re: Odim

Dear Odim,

I'm sorry to anounce that your application has been denied.
If you would like more information, feel free to contact any Council member.

We wish you the best of luck on your Tibian endeavour.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Skyfallen.