Sakuya Izayoii's Application

Hello everyone on the Red Rose family.

I've talked to Natures Lord since I couldn't make it to the crossfire day because I got sick, so I was told to rewrite my application so I can get a chance to join you, hope you can all excuse me for failing the first time, but I felt really sick.
My name is Christopher Martínez and I'm from Saltillo, Coah. at Mexico.

I play on the character named Sakuya Izayoii, which I believe it was created on October 1st, 2017 with the intention of playing with some IRL friends like the old times.
I don't have any current friends playing here and also I don't have any foes.

I haven't joined any guild here in Antica before, I have played on several other servers trying to find a nice place to stay and play. (Mortera, Libera, Trimera, Fortera, Astera and Dolera).
Here in Tibia I played all the vocations and loved them equally (Maybe since I haven't passed level 60+ haha) but yeah, I love them since each has their own style, the vocation I like the most is Sorcerer because his high damage and combos.

I'm an Engineer who likes to spend his free time playing Tibia as well as doing some exercise in the gym or even playing some football, I'm play as a Forward on my team.
I like to eat (I mean who doesn't) but specially Mexican food and Italian food, I have some likes for Japanese and Spanish.
I also like to play the guitar and enjoy some nice music.

I would like to join the Red Rose, because it's history I have played Tibia since late 2007 and I always watched the Tibia Legends videos and I always thought it was so cool how some people made a nice family here on Tibia, if I get to join you guys I would feel even more motivated to reach important things because I would've find what I've been looking for on the other servers, long-staying friends and a family.
Why would you guys pick me? I consider myself as an enthusiastic person, I still have the need to discover the deeper secrets of Tibia and have the innocence of playing in a pvp server, remember when there were no Blessings and you had no amulet of loss? I still have that feeling of not wanting to die cause I would loss my experience or my money. I want to transfer all those feelings on the new Tibia players and why not? Revive them on the old ones.

Months ago I talked to Pumpkin about how I felt about Tibia probably going to die, and he/she told me that Tibia isn't dying we are still here, I liked that attitude, I really hope Tibia doesn't die, there are so much memories here and I still want them to last longer and I would like to create more.

My beginning in Tibia

This was somewhere 2007, probably September 10th, some friends at school invited me to the Computer Lab Class, there we could play anything we wanted, while we were looking for a nice game that the four of us would enjoy, one of them told us about Tibia, he started to tell us how you fight on Rookgard against powerful rats and trolls (haha), but since we're young the creature didn't matter. So we started to play, we started our characters on Trimera each one of us on a different vocation, because we wanted to respect the old client photo where a team was in a dungeon agains the dragon.
It was so awesome how we tried to coordinate ourselves to play in our free time and also in the Lab Class, that's where my love for Tibia started to grow, being able to play it with friends was so cool, knowing a lot of people while Questing, Hunting and even PvPing (16 lvl pking haha) but hey, we loved it, it was so cool how the community in the server interacted, sadly while the years passed they retired and I continued to play and meeting new people, making new characters on other characters and so.. the cycle never ended.. even today 10 years later I find myself alone in Antica playing by myself trying to find a family and friends so I can finally stay.

And for the final touch, I don't know I feel like having all these things will take the honesty of my previous words, I really hope that I could join you guys, I really think its an amazing thing what you have accomplished as a group and I would like to continue on that tradition.

Thank you for reviewing my application

Sakuya Izayoii