[Character Sheet] Astra Larty, the Rainbringer

First Name: Astra
Also known as: The Rainbringer
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Place of birth: Thais
Faith: Banor
Marital status: Single
I was born in the populous and oldest city of all, Thais. My father was one of the generals of Thais, following the orders of King Tibianus, and my mother was a housewife, my parents loved each other very much, I never imagined in my life that there could be such love.

I remember one time, when I was a child, rumors began to prowl around the city of Thais, which said that a young but powerful mage was approaching and was a threat to the whole population, this mage was cruel and had no nobody's pity. The King was frightened by such news, but he prepared the city for any attack that could happen, increasing the number of soldiers in the streets, and calling his most loyal soldiers, with superior positions to defend the surroundings of the castle, and of course, my father was called to this mission.

A few months passed, and I remember it was a sunny day, me and my friends were playing near the northern exit of Thais at the edge of the creek, when a woman with red hair, with a mysterious look half gloomy, passed me... I was shivering and knew that something bad was about to happen.
As I turned to play with my friends again, screams began to echo through the alleys of the city, deafening noises like explosions, I knew it was that woman, the one with the red hair.

I ran to my home in fear, trying to figure out what I actually knew what it was. When I come to the front of my house, I see this woman with red hair invoking devils from hell, only uttering some strange words that I could not understand what it was, and ordering them to kill everyone who passed by. Not knowing how to respond to this situation, I picked up a piece of wood that was in the yard, and put myself in front of my mother, because I would protect her even if I had to give my own life... it was when the ground began to tremble, I imagined it was some more spell of this woman, but when I look down the street, I saw bright spots, blurring my vision that as they drew nearer I could see that it was the knights of Thais coming in their shiny armor ready for battle.

That was when I saw my father, he realized that I was in danger and that woman with red hair was coming towards me, without hesitation my father fought an arduous battle against this magician. After hours of battle, many soldiers of Thais could not stand the confrontation and died, and so did my father... After a fire spell, that knocked down many soldiers, including my father, but before he fell, he threw his sword at the red-haired wizard, slamming it into the heart, and she fell to the ground with my father.

My father buried in Isle of the Kings, it is the cemetery of the people who once contributed to the history of Thais, noble people, it is an honor to be buried there.
After seeing the misfortune that mage brought to the city of Thais, I decided to be a mage too, but unlike her, I will not spread chaos, i will spread only goodness!

A few days after that, we came to discover the identity of this red-haired magician, her name was Fortinbrae, and she was the daughter of someone very important in Edron's magic academy. He vowed revenge, his name is Ferumbras ...
Astra Larty, the Rainbringer