Dow Ney Application

Hi everyone!

i'm sorry for any mistake i'm communicating via google translator

1. Character / Player Information

My name is Guilherme I'm 24 years old I'm from Brazil, Belo Horizonte. I met Tibia in 2008 through a friend, but I played for a short time but after this involvement with tibia I stopped and came back time and time again.
But I like this RPG has something in it that I can not stay away from.
What I like to do the most in Tibia is to make friends, talk and hunt.

My name in the game is Dow Ney, I chose this name because I really like the actor who plays Iron Man, his name is Robert (Downey), that's when I took Dow Ney :)

2. Why do you want to join Red Rose?

You are an honest guild, which has tradition, and the desire to be part of this family guild is intense.
I watch a video on a channel called Cateroide where he showed the 20 years of the guild and I fell in love with the story, the story conquered me.

I play otserve and decided to go global to play in antica and the Red Rose guild was my main reason for coming, I am willing to pay premium account so I can play free and make the most of it.

3. Roleplaying Story

Red Rose, I'm right, I like the right things, I like to hunt who does this nowadays? So Red Rose and its traditions are the oldest guild in the game, how are they? who are they? What can I learn from them? can i join this guild?
very want dominant guild, many want war, me? I want to join Red Rose, hunt, have friends, be able to trust someone in the game without being slapped, someone with an interest in helping you for real, this is RPG helping each other.
I really want to enter I'm doing all this through google translator, give me a chance at least to know who is Guilherme, thank you all.

4. The Personal Touch

I'm in love with Tibia, I confess I'm not a Tibia conductor, but I created an account in Antica because of Red Rose, my level is 11, I will start again from scratch, willing to put my premium account
And so I look forward to meeting the requirements, Red Rose is very respected in the game and I will not take the name of Red Rose vituperative, I want to do the quests, learn more, help no matter what.
It is true I know you do not know me but my intention is the best, be part not of a guild but of a family.

Re: Dow Ney Application

Hello Dow, thanks for your interest on our Guild.
I would say you could work more on the ideas about why you want to join Red Rose. After that, develop a bit more your application would definetely help you to attrack our leaders attention to you.
Using a translator for the application is definetely not a problem, but what do you think about your daily life in our guild? how will you comunicate with other members? That is why a minimum knowledge of english is required to play in non Brazilian servers.

You mentioned that always played OT servers and since 2008 got inactive many times. Can you give us more details about it?

Feel free to send me a message in game. Maybe I can give you some tips about playing in a European server living in Brazil.

Re: Dow Ney Application

Why do I want to join Red Rose?

I've always wanted to be part of a guild, but the guilds are usually interested in allying with the guild that dominates that server, so they're full of mimis, and when I talk full of mimis, it's because they forget about RPG and just focus on things. like Guild Bank, killing Hunted, helping out with War, and we know Tibia is not just about that. There are so many things in this RPG (Tibia) that we can do, find out, that I Guilherme chose Red Rose to be part of this Guild because? Why are you different, you don't chase after hunted, war, feuds, bullshit, you seek to extract the best from Tibia, you seek to play real RPG, making discoveries, Quest's, helping others, and I want to embark on that same ship as you. I try to be as neutral as possible within the world, I want to go hunting, do quests, do outiffits, but I also want to meet people, to be playing with people who have experience for me to absorb this wisdom that they carry about the game (Tibia). On the twentieth birthday I watched a 15 minute video on YouTube and I felt like I was in 2008 playing, you arouse this Old Tibiano, the desire to be part of Red Rose, and to know everyone and very big, yes, I want to join Red Rose and be able to help Guild with whatever I need. In short, I want to be part of Red Rose, be by your side and explore Tibia, but I know it won't always be possible to be online all the time playing, we all have a life outside Tibia, the years have gone by all grown up , but I came and created my Antica account. You can pull the name of my char and see his creation and the day I decided to write myself in the forum to join Red Rose, you are the reason why.

What do I think about my everyday guild life?

Helping those in need, hunting, questing, making me available to the guild, helping with something that needs solving. I am very helpful, so I like to help people, I like to solve problems, I am very peaceful, I think qualities like being helpful, peaceful, knowing how to handle situations is something that when we form groups it is never too much to have people like that in the middle.

Well I'll talk more about 2008 and about Ot.
In 2008 a friend of mine played in Elera (Tibia Global) and he was part of Lord'Paulistinha's guild, I don't remember the name of that friend's character let alone the Lord'Paulistinha's guild, but he called me to go to his house and showed me what he was playing, when I laughed about the graphic, he said, asked if he was going crazy, and he said it was very good that I should play too, that the top server was Brazilian ( Lord'Paulistinha) I was a little reluctant but I decided to try it, I created a Kina upei until level 30 and stopped I didn't want it anymore, years later 2010 I created another Tibia Global account and I stopped at level 20 after I created an account in 2014 upei my Ek up to level 100 and I stopped. (The reason I didn't go back to the accounts I already created before is that I lost the Key accounts so whenever I came back it was a new account.)

Now in 2019 I started playing Otserver, enough of work I played a little, but I still felt that emptiness, ot not have much to do, not to mention that the pk's and every time it appears so I kind of don't play so much ot me more I go to cv with a friend that I made in this ot than to play at all. I raised the char up to level 145 (RP) a few months ago I'm in this Ot. So I saw a video talking about Red Rose I liked it and decided to go back to Global I created my character in Antica and here I am.

For sure I will contact you in the game, and thanks for your attention. 🌹

Re: Dow Ney Application

Hello Dow Ney, please consider elaborating on your Roleplay story; I suggest looking at other applicants roleplay stories to understand the concept.

Please feel free to contact me in-game at any time for a chat. Best wishes on your application!
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Re: Dow Ney Application

Annie Belle wrote:
Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:51 pm
Hello Dow Ney, please consider elaborating on your Roleplay story; I suggest looking at other applicants roleplay stories to understand the concept.

Please feel free to contact me in-game at any time for a chat. Best wishes on your application!
yes ma'am for your attention 😁