Sir Gamberth

Greetings everyone.
Informações do Jogador | Personagem.
My name is Higor, i'm 22 years old, i am from Brazil from the state of Rio de Janeiro from the city Volta Redonda-RJ.
My character is Sir Gamberth was created on Oct 26 2010, but I started playing in 2005/2006.
Was a lutabra but was not part of any guild, would initially play with friends, but they decided to stop.
In the meantime I was already in Antica, learning about a little of the world, meeting people, talking and more and more I was sure I wanted to come to this world.
Reason for wanting to be a rose?

- Because I really like the guild, i see that there is respect among the members, brotherhood, I like the guild story, which was built by a group of friends in 1998, that after 20 years still makes history.
I am a person who is currently active in the game, I always try to do my best, I value friendships a lot, today I just play my tibia.
What I feel about Red Rose is something really special, I really like talking to all the members, I really love the guild.
I was denied about 15 months ago, today I am here to get over those months and be able to show that I can be a valuable guild member.

Maybe some history now.
I will tell the story of when I met Tibia.
my brother came home saying he was playing a new game that was very good, so I asked him to show me, in the past we had no computer, the vast majority did not have a luxury, so we used Lan House.
and when we arrived at the venue there was only one friend of his playing Tibia, it was level 34, was leveling up in Beholder, wearing beautiful Crown Set and a Fire sword.
That was when I would start my journey in Tibia.

Have a great week.
Sorry for any grammar mistake.

A little about myself.
I feel I have a lot to add to the guild, whether as a member or as a friend, there are people within the guild that I really enjoy.
This is my will and desire to be a valuable member of Red Rose, not just a brother to everyone.
can message me without hesitation it will be a pleasure to talk to you once again.

Re: Sir Gamberth

At the beginning of my journey I remember spending days leaving Rookgaard, beginning was difficult, we had to get the few coins and meat to feed and sell.
after rats, we went to spiders, trolls, orcs and skeleton, it was a long way, but we had to go through everything to get to main land.
arriving in Main more precisely venore, I went to Amazon, I made some money, the amazon camp quests.
I remember coming back from this adventure with 2 friends, we were dragging some bags with loots.
getting close to the venore entrance a person passed saw us dragging the bag, decided to stop back and throw our bag into the water and so we lost our first big loot.
Over time we have developed other methods to take our loot more safely.
my first death I remember as it was today, we were in Rotworm, I remember it was a very ugly creature, exploring Green Claw Swamp, me and just a knight friend, we were walking and to our luck we met a terrible Beholder.
We decided to attack the creature that in turn ended up killing me and my friend, very fast.
After that, I just played the game, did a 10K quest so easily, then lost to people who killed at the end of the quest. I still tried to save my money by putting it in place of the arrow but it didn't work out.
the friends would come and go for nothing lasting, and that was discouraging me until I completely stopped.

So I came back in 2010.
It was very easy to start over, but not very cool.
it was an era that tibia was having a hard time with BOTS.
I was in a dominated world, I joined the dominant guild, I fought wars, I won, I lost, I had "friends" always coming and going, nothing lasting, and it was tiring for me again, to take a break.
so a few months ago I decided to research a new world, and researching decided to come to antica, and try to touch my life again, not with lasting friends but with friends for life.

Re: Sir Gamberth

I wanted to update an information.
Yesterday I was talking to a player about some things, so someone else came up and killed him for no reason, just killed him.
So I killed him, even though it's none of my business.
I hate bad people doing these kinds of things, with people being less experienced or weaker.
So he revealed his main character, so he said I was "HUNTED" for killing the maker he was using to kill less experienced Tibians than himself.

Name ( Soys ) Guild ( Last Warrning ).

I know the consequences, I decided to kill him, for killing someone for no reason, I do not regret.
I'm doing this because I want to be totally honest with all of you.
I came to Antica with 100% desire to be able to become a Rose, to be able to touch my tibia, but things happen.
I don't regret doing that, I know the consequences, but I believe it was for a good cause.
Thanks again. and take care.

Re: Sir Gamberth

Greetings Roses
good night everyone, I'm trying to spend some more time online and chat with some roses.
but not everyone is available all the time, so if anyone wants a good conversation, is in need of help and see me online do not hesitate to call me, thank you already good game.